While driving for a longer time I like to here CDs of channelled wisdom. So recently I listen to Bashar’s workshop “Accelerating ET Contact” which ist interesting in many ways. One of the most interesting parts for me are his informations about teleportation. The Essassani, the civilisation Bashar belongs to, don’t travel as we do, they teleportate which means, that they are at location A and then – in a blink of eye – they are at another location they defined, location B.  That’s why the immense distances in space don’t cause any problem to them. Location A, Location B and so on are available instantly, no matter how far they are.

Most common shape of Essassani spaceshipsThe idea of teleportation is, that each location in the Universe has its own specific vibrational signature. The location of an object is a attribute of the object and if the object is to change the location the vibrational signature of the new location is imposed to the object and it must move to the new intendet location. This is the Law of Attraction in action so to speak.

So when we travel on earth we “teleportate” also but from point to point to point to reach our intended location and use for this often heavy devices such as cars or planes. The Essassani leave out all the points between two locations and transport themselves and their spaceships immediately to the desired location. What I did not hear in this workshop is, how they define the vibrational signatures of the locations. Maybe it is by imagination combined with focusing and attention…

Anyway. I will find out and one of my favourite sentences will help me: I KNOW and I am ready to receive the answers!

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