To me, vulnerability is the willingness to be open to All That is in full and total trust. The willingness to be open to All That Is in full and total trust is what you are talking about when you say surrendering.  It is actually taking control.

It is not giving up control; it is taking control. That is true surrender. The idea simply becomes effortless, and that is why many of you think you are actually giving up control, because to you, the only reason you feel you’re in control is when you are expending effort.

Therefore, when you open up in complete vulnerability — and understand that if you are opening up to All That Is, then you are connecting to All That Is, to Infinite Creation — by opening up to all of it, you are connecting into it.

And if you are connecting into the Infinite Creation, then you are connecting to infinite strength, infinite power, eternal power. And if you are willing to trust it in a positive way, you will then flow that infinite power through you every time you are willing to open up all the way.

That is vulnerability, that is power, that is self-empowerment. That is surrender, and that is control. It is all boiled down to the one word – trust. Trust.

The mechanism of trust, which is the absolute knowingness that you exist for a reason. And therefore, with that perspective and that attitude, you recognize that you deserve to exist in the manner you have determined you would prefer to exist. For no other reason other than because you say so.


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