Unworthiness is the most widespread disease in the whole world. Religions, science and politics – the so-called elite – have done and do their best to persuade humans that they are not worthy “in the face of God” or for the “blind evolution”or for the profit of the “elite”. But these are only opinions and have nothing to do with you.  Everybody can start in this very moment to know more about him/herself and to appreciate him/herself.  Love yourself  is the cure and then you will love all that is…

Unworthiness is the core issue of everything. If anger is at the surface, and fear is under the anger, then beneath that fear is shame, and at the base is unworthiness. The root is the unworthiness based on the mistake that we are separate from God. This is what feeds all these negative emotions and action in our lives, all the pain and suffering. There are many and varied mental ramifications of this. The fundamental error is the belief in separation, which feeds the unworthiness.

You are not unworthy. You’re not separate. This is not something you can mentally grasp. The mental acceptance is the first step, but it needs to become an experience, a vibrational flow of life force through every layer of your existence. This is why we work on the vibrational level rather than discuss the issues. We work 90% on correcting the vibrational inconsistencies here. This is an energetic realignment with Truth. When you are aligned with Truth, that is when you can live Truth, not just think about it or talk about it. When it becomes a living reality, that becomes the crown of life.

Divine Mother

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