Being able to focus is very important to canalize energies to a desired manifestation. Elias offers in his Session 1810 a visualization to understand focusing and to practice it effortlessly. The birds are symbols of beliefs and the question is: Which belief do you choose and focus upon…

Which bird do you focus upon?

Let me offer you a playful visualization.  All of these distractions, all of these scenarios that you incorporate, each one may be visualized as a bird.  You occupy a center point within a room.  Within your room, you are the central factor, and all about you are many, many, many birds.  They are all incorporating being quite noisy and fluttering and flying.  They are all vying for your attention, and all of them are exposing to you their beautiful colors.  But you are the center; all of these birds respond to you.

Now, in being the center, if you are doing nothing and not focusing, all of the birds are clattering for your attention, and they are becoming noisier and noisier and more and more confusing and fluttery.  But being the center, if you are aware of you, you can choose one bird and choose to be examining and admiring and appreciating one bird.  All the other birds shall be quiet.  They continue to exist and occupy your room, but they are aware that your attention is now examining this one bird.  In the quietness of all the other birds, you can choose in any moment to turn your attention and pay attention to a different bird, offering it equal attention, equal appreciation, but in balance and in calm.

What you are doing now is standing in the center of the room, not focusing your attention in any direction and being distracted by all the fluttering.

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