Ascended Master Saint Germain, channeled by Aruna talks about which food one can eat to be healthy. It is not a short-term “diet” but a continuous change to better food. He recommends all the food that Hildegard von Bingen recommended also already in the 12th century. This comprises beans, nuts and spelt of course. She also said like Saint-Germain: Don’t eat wheat!

Fancy concepts abound about your daily choice of foods, and many are contradictory. Changing the diet need not be confusing. Allowing the natural mechanism of mind choosing what the body’s needs, and not going against those needs, must take precedence over naming the “correct way” of eating according to one food guru or another. Most of these food advisers don’t understand the most important information available on diet: the body “knows” what it needs and what it doesn’t get good digestion from. Why keep making yourself ill over and over again when all you must do to avoid these diet aggravated symptoms is drop these foods from the menu. But what do you do? Give up other things instead because of food fads that are touted as good diets when they are not.

Low calorie diets are a disaster, as good nutrients are usually replaced with less nutrients along with less choices. One diet guru teaches no fat, another disaster, as all fats are not alike and good fats are needed for healthy bodies. Making up a fancy diet is not my goal. Good eating and mana combined will add to your functionality, not deliver you poor quality nutrition.

Fasting can aid the beginning of the fresh food diet. It cleans the body of non-aligned diet content before adding new choices. Patience is key, as addictive foods have an active pull on the body’s instincts. Noticing these pulls and choosing another delicious option cancels the addiction. Please give notice whenever you “must have” anything. No “must haves” provide the correct balance needed to feel good.

What is felt is the key to good health. Are your days full of thoughts about certain foods? Give these thoughts away, along with the foods these thoughts are about. Want, covet and desire are all addictive, controlling choices, not fresh food diet choices. When the body is receiving good, nutritious ingredients, these cravings are not active.

First, pick the most “natural” whole foods that are not cooked. Add good compliments for color, not taste. Your taste choices are not necessarily what your body needs. Consider wheat “death content.” Eat NO wheat. Other grains can be cautiously used. Oats, in particular, offers good fiber and good nutrition. Spelt, amaranth, quinoa and rice are good additions for those unable to eat only fruits and vegetables.

Change your diet gradually, noticing cravings and deleting these diet destroyers. You are not dieting for weight control, rather, health control. Fresh, not cooked is more active in delivering good nutrients, although some cooking adds more taste and acceptability to many good foods.

Please don’t go totally raw. This is not necessary. Good soups are great additions to your body’s choices. Add beans and the above mentioned grains to them and they will be loved by all. Seeds and nuts are also needed. Use the unsalted varieties. When buying nuts, choose raw when you can.

Marijuana is not a negative for ascension, and neither is cigarettes, but both are addictive and damage your body as a consequence of using them. Give up this addiction, as your goal to ascend means you must become “not attached” to anything material.

Can you do the fresh food diet without any organic content? Yes, bless what you are about to eat with your mind, and deliver divine light through your hands, before consuming the food. Grow food when it is possible, but don’t be disturbed when this is not an option.

Are you becoming more accepting of my request? No time limit has been decreed. Choose when you are able. I am not demanding this—only offering an important alternative to the controllers’ agenda. Answers to your questions on this topic would be considered good additions here.

Be a teacher and caring friend by telling others about this diet in your conversations. Cheer up a neighbor with some good food choices and diet guidance. Imagine transported and warehoused food being discontinued in your area, could this diet information help? When you are an example, many will be grateful for your aid.


Ascended Master Saint Germain channeled by Aruna

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