In one of his newsletters Kris from the Kris Chronicles speaks about the Financial Crisis, about weather conditions like floods, ice storms, and also about self-sustainability, etc. He speaks about the trauma many people live or are anxious to live and he offers a solution to all of this. This solution is to feel positive which means, feel what you want and not what you fear. This solution seems to be too simplistic for many people, but I think  it is the only way to avoid trauma and to receive what you desire. You are weaving your future in the now and this “weaving” is greatly influenced by the emotional output. So watch your emotions, because your pattern will be woven by them….

Kris: Many people right now, due to the financial meltdown, begin to worry and imagine themselves losing their employment, losing their credit, having their homes repossessed, their vehicles taken away, worrying and wondering where they could possibly live and how, and in many cases, this state of mind, this perception, becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

You can make just as easily a self-fulfilling prophecy by altering and managing your consciousness — meaning your perception — now by focusing your attention on your own sustainability, your own needs. Not necessarily by taking off to the countryside right now, but by cultivating a state of consciousness that remains calm and unwavering, that pays little attention to the propaganda and the drama of the media, and that focuses on the here and now to maintain a well-anchored, positive and constructive experience of life. Focusing on unknown fears becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. That is the true nature of cause and effect, but you may also tend to forget that focusing upon constructive and meaningful experiences is also a self-fulfilling prophecy. It works both ways and it works in both instances as easily as one or the other.

The choice is yours and the choice is something you can define for yourself. Thus we are suggesting then that you pay attention to what you want to focus upon and what you deem as something you do not want to focus upon, leave it behind. There is no need to rail against it, no need to fight it. Instead, focus upon what you want. That is the one greatest of all potentials that you have as human beings. Your species’ greatest accomplishment is just that: Choosing, because what you choose upon becomes the programming you instill in your consciousness, if you will, that creates various perceptions. And your perceptions is your consciousness is your experience of reality.

Thus we urge you all to remain fixed in the power of your present experience, knowing that the present interprets the past and weaves the future. Know that the future you are weaving may include change. That change presents potentials and opportunities you may not have considered before.

Weavin the Future

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