If you will be the vibration of happiness, you will see experientially that you will get the reflection in all the ways that are reflective of your happiness — to the degree that your happiness vibration is turned on you will get that reality. However…. here’s that clause, pay attention, here’s what you call in your language, `the fine print’… this is what we perceive in observing your society trip many of you up, and get you into trouble: Many of you will still place a condition on your happiness even when you think you are doing it this way.

`Oh yes, I will be happy because I know that if I’m happy then I’ll get this happy reality, then I’ll get what I want.’ If/then, if/then…. you are still making it conditional on what happens outside you, and there is no outside…

So the idea to really bring it down to focus is to understand this: in order for the principle to really work, in order for reality to reflect back to you the true reflection of your happiness you have to be happy with no expectation that you will get a reflection back.

That’s how it works. That’s what makes it effortless, that’s what makes it flawless, that’s what makes it interesting…. Is that you understand that in all of this, you don’t have to think about what will come back to you, you simply can take it for granted, you can know you can simply already have the gratitude to be infinite, to KNOW that when you are happy nothing else can happen, but happy reflections…


And Abraham on the same issue…

Here is the way we commonly see you seeing it. We see you come to these gatherings (workshops) wanting to learn the Laws of Deliberate Creating so that you can fix that. In other words, “I’ll learn how to deliberately create, so that I can get this stuff that I don’t have, or so that I can fix…and what we’d like you to hear, instead is — or offer from your wanting is, `I’m wanting to learn the Laws of Deliberate Creating so that I can hold myself in a place of Well-being.’

It’s not just doing it so that you can get the end result, it’s that while you’re doing it, you’re feeling Well-being. And if you can put your emphasis upon, `How am I flowing,’ rather than, `How am I flowing so I can get what I want.’ `What am I achieving vibrational harmony with right now?’  Then what happens is you get your emphasis off of what you want and therefore, off of the lack of what you want — and you hold yourself in a place of allowing all good things to come to you. Does that make sense?

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