These are some more notes of the Bashar Teleconference of June 21. The CDs of this fantastic session will be available in July at the Bashar Website.

Imagination is the link to and from the expanded mindPhysical mind and expanded mind function as a whole person. Before incarnating each of you made a choice to experience physical reality on the template level, where you lay out a template, a blueprint, an automatic function, to allow you to function in physical reality. Once the template is established, consciousness passes through it – consolidating down. Because of this you take on consensus reality. It is like putting on the equipment to go deep sea diving.

The vibrational link between the spiritual and the physical develops during the first few years up to the age of 7. Individuals who die very young may decide to leave very easily crib death, abortion, miscarriage .They only want a small taste of physical reality. Nothing goes to waste. It serves the spiritual purpose. As the embryonic structure crystallizes the personality structure begins to form. Prismatic template. Beliefs, thought structure  Personality can be malleable but it is designed according to the chosen theme.

The child will absorb telepathic input from its parents and society. The child may absorb belief systems in order to later make a choice. Comparison of self to belief systems to decide what is desired. Something to compare self against. Parents serve the purpose by having chosen beliefs that may show you who you are not.

From consciousness level we create a duality: Template for physical mind and template for expanded mind. The two make you a whole person. Higher or expanded mind acts as a liaison between physical mind and higher levels. Expanded mind stays on the template level but helps physical mind who goes deep sea diving. It stays so to speak on the boat and guides the person that is diving. Trust in your expanded mind because it can see further!

Diving deeply into physical causes creative desire, desire for love, and also disconnection.

The template has a seed however that urges you to reconnect with the higher mind. When a person feels incomplete they are looking for their connection with the expanded mind. Looking for the connection manifests in many ways: Need for another person, food, many other things. Sometimes these other things are mis-interpreted as the reconnection.

The ego structure keeps you focused in physical reality. The ego reinforces belief systems – that are part of the template. The ego’s job is to add energy to the belief. It amplifies beliefs and keeps you focused. When there is disconnection the ego structure can forget that it is not in charge.

Fear results from the ego thinking that it is in charge. It starts to do things that it was not designed to do. It becomes extremely crystallized. The amount of energy the ego puts into fear-based beliefs is almost overwhelming. The ego takes on the burden of survival.

Now is the timing that enough of you are seeking the light to give momentum and to understand that the ego can be taught that it will not be annihilated if you communicate with your expanded mind.

The physical personality is not designed to know how something happens.

It can not read the template that the expanded mind sees. Allow your expanded mind to bring it to you in the way that is best for the whole person. Physical mind sees how it is happening. If you are using the physical mind to decide how something happens you are going through life half-witted.

Imagination is the link to and from the expanded mind.

If ego thinks it is in charge it will shut the door to the imagination. Many have said, visualize, create a mock-up. This is a good thing to do. It is only a representation. When the ego structure makes a vision it tends to think that vision is the highest possible manifestation. Expanded mind can go much further. What is the ceiling for the physical mind is the floor to the higher mind. Vision is the template. Expanded mind will take the template  it understands template language it will reach out to all of the things that it sees as available. When the physical mind does not act on the synchronistic opportunities coming from the higher mind, the expanded mind may become invisible. Don’t insist a thing must manifest the way you think because your expanded mind may bring something much better.

Act on your passionHow do we know the difference?  Excitement. Passion.

Pay attention to the true feelings. This requires a modicum of willingness to tell the ego to  shut the hell up . Stop and wonder whether or not you are being shown something from the ego or expanded self. You will be able to tell the difference between anxiety (ego) and excitement (expanded self). Find your space of peace so you can use that natural balance to tell you the flavor of the emotion. You will know whether it is representative of fear or excitement. You need quietude. You need to be able to not know and make that ok. When you don t know you find the stillness that will give you the capability of knowing whether it is from the higher mind or physical mind.

The natural senses you were created with,  will fill the quiet. In the quiet you will hear the little whispered voices. It may take some time to gain discernment. Pacify your ego. Form a more loving relationship with your expanded mind by forming a more loving relationship with your ego. Balance in this relationship allows you to function as a whole person.

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