This is an excerpt from a Session with Elias, who is channelled by Mary Ennis. He answers a question about what will happen in December 2012 in a very clear and sober way. It is this clarity what I appreciate most with his information. By the way, the whole session is a “must read”.  Session 3074

Today is October 22, 2011. There are about seventeen different prophecies upon the earth that speak of fourteen months from now, of December 21, 2012, as huge shift on the earth plane in the physical reality, which would permeate deeper shifts in the non-physical consciousness reality. And can you speak of any knowledge and awareness you have about these things which may or may not occur on the physical plane not this December, but a year from now?

ELIAS: I will. What I would express to you is that there is a considerable accumulation of energy in relation to that time framework. I would also express to you that that is not necessarily a designation of an event. There is an accumulation of energy which can be configured in a myriad of capacities which have not been chosen yet.

As to your prophecies, the danger with prophecies is that they do not allow for choice. That they suppose that there is a predestination or fate that has been previously chosen or decided upon, which also implies that probabilities are already generated and that you are choosing from a storehouse of already created probabilities. And as I have expressed previously, probabilities are created in the moment. They do not lie before you. They are all created in the moment. Yes, they all generate a considerable ripple and expand through consciousness. Whatever you choose generates a probability and that expands in countless ripples which is affecting in consciousness. And I will concede that there is a considerable amount or volume of energy that has been projected, and a concentration in relation to that time framework and those ideas. For that is what prophecies are, they are ideas. They are speculative ideas. They are not absolute and they are not necessarily correct or true. But they are expressions of ideas that individuals have set forth in relation to their beliefs and in part in relation to tapping into different expressions of energies that they form to suit the idea. And therein is born a prophecy.

When prophecies are actualized it is an action that the majority of individuals participating in your reality have chosen agreement with that idea. Not that it was foreseen, but that an idea was developed and supported by an attraction of energies to be formed or to be plied to that idea. And when enough individuals, when there is a great enough collective that agree with the idea, they actualize it. You actualize it, collectively. And therefore it appears that a prophecy was foreseen and was true, but that is not the mechanism of what occurs.

In relation to the prophecies that have been set forth, and in relation to the Mayan civilization, there is tremendous misunderstanding and misinterpretation from the actual participants in that civilization and culture. You have developed upon their ideas and their culture yourselves and have expanded it. And what you have expanded was not actually expressed in that particular culture. In that, you have developed ideas and set them forth and have molded energy to conform to those ideas. And you have accumulated a considerable volume of energy in relation to these prophecies, this time framework.

But what I will also express to you, that in shifting — and the entirety of your world is shifting, whether they are aware of it or not — in shifting you are becoming more and more aware of reality. What does that mean? It means that any idea or concept that is set forth, or even prophecy, is not as blindly accepted as it has been previously within your history. And even in some situations in which individuals may actually agree with the idea, they may not necessarily be projecting energy in that direction. Therefore, they may not be choosing to participate in any particular mass creation.

What I am expressing to you is that with the awareness of the masses now and in relation to the progression of this shift in consciousness, the energy collectively is very split. And therefore I will reiterate as I have expressed previously, to this point you have not chosen any significant mass event or catastrophic event to be occurring within that time framework. You have not actually chosen any direction to be marking that particular time framework with any great significance at this point. That can change. In the manner in which energy is moving presently it is unlikely that it will change, but it can, and you can choose in any time framework what you want to express en masse.

You are already doing that. You are already consistently generating considerable upheaval within your planet in many, many different capacities. But you are also becoming accustomed to that upheaval. It is not as shocking any longer as it has been in the past. You are more accustomed to the expression of drama for you engage so much of it in shifting. And therefore it is not surprising to you any longer and it is not as catastrophic as it has been in prior time frameworks prior to the onset of this shift. It is not that you are becoming desensitized, but that you are aware of what is occurring. And therefore when you generate upheaval it is not as much of a surprise to any of you and therefore holds much less impact than it has in previous time frameworks.

Therefore I would express to you, in a manner of speaking, you are almost moving in the reverse expression of what the prophecies express for you are generating more awareness and less reaction. Without the reaction, catastrophe is not so catastrophous. (Laughter) In this, it is not as traumatic and shocking if there is not tremendous surprise and reaction. The surprise is ruined, (Laughter) for you all know of the prophecies. You are all anticipating the time framework, therefore there is no surprise. The trauma or the shock is tremendously diminished for you are all generating greater and greater awarenesses and are becoming more and more and more aware of your own participation and your own choices in that participation. And whether you agree or whether you disagree, and even in that, you are aware enough to allow yourself the expression of your ability to manipulate energy in certain capacities in your agreement or disagreement with mass events and whether you choose to participate in them.

I would express that within recent time framework, that being within the end throes of your previous century and this new century to date, you have generated such a considerable amount of upheaval and mass events that were shocking, that were surprising – they are not surprising any longer — that you have awakened yourselves to your own participations. You have awakened yourselves to probabilities. And in that, I would express that it is more likely that you would (Smiling) disappoint yourself that there is not a mass event (Laughter)than to be actually supported or surprised that there is one. And in that, you may generate some action in a different capacity merely to express that accumulation of energy and that volume of energy, but you may choose to do it in a very different capacity.

Question: I want to jump off that. So, okay, so, what you just said — choosing to do it in a different capacity – then you could be sort of really creative as to what type of sail that you construct for yourself, so that you can ride that. If there’s going to be all this energy released, like the question would be, what are the most effective ways to just rock out with that? I mean, that you could… Because, I’m just thinking, what could we do with that? If we’re choosing, if we’re creating, then, you know what I’m saying? How you could take that and make something really fun or really positive.

ELIAS: Then perhaps you will generate a breakthrough in a new discovery of energy that will launch you into space…

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