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Definitions are the base of belief systems and therefore it is very important to know how one is defining words and terms. One has to know also the associations triggered by these words to be able to recognize what one is really – and I mean really really – meaning and believing and the beliefs shape reality. Nothing less.

Elias, channelled by Mary Ennis,  shares definitions of  compassion, caring and concern, which are somewhat related to each other and often misunderstood and misused, so to speak. I think his definitions can give more clarity…

Compassion,  in our redefining of terms … which is a movement of this shift in consciousness, for you are also redefining your reality, and the manner in which you redefine your reality is to redefine your terms, your meanings. In the redefinition of compassion, genuine compassion is understanding, not pity; for this is not to say that you do not care. Individuals confuse caring with concern. You define those terms as the same, as synonymous. Concern and caring – no.

Caring is a natural expression that you incorporate. This is a natural flow of energy, of interconnectedness. It is a recognition of interconnectedness, that you are not actually separated from all that is within your reality, regardless of the appearance of it in your individual manifestations. There is more than merely your individual manifestations, and this expression of caring springs from that knowing of interconnectedness.

Concern is different. Concern is a projection of your attention outside of yourself and focusing your attention on outside elements in judgments. You express concern in comparisons and judgments that one direction is better and one direction is worse. You concern yourself with another individual for they are not expressing well enough. They are not creating their reality well enough, and you within yourself know a better method.


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