The emotions that you feel are always and only about your allowing of your energy stream. It’s sort of like plugging the toaster in. If the toaster isn’t plugged in, it doesn’t make toast. If you are not connected to who you really are, Plug inyou don’t feel the joy that is natural to you. And so many people for so long have given all kinds of other reasons for the way they feel. “I feel this way because of you,” or “I feel this way because of that,” or “I feel this way because I’ve won the lottery,” or “I feel this way because I bought a new car,” or “I feel this way because I’m drunk.”

And what we are wanting to say to you is, you feel the way you feel *always* because of the allowance or disallowance of the vibration connection to the Source energy stream that is you. Period.

That’s all it’s ever, ever, ever been.

Emotions are not just feelings. Emotions are the most direct communication from your “greater” self to yourself.
Emotions are the so-called “6th sense” and give you under all circumstances the most precise knowledge – if you listen!

That’s why Abraham keeps talking and talking about emotions – as the exerpt above i.e….

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