In Session 2189 Elias talks to a person who is shaken by fear. Before he continued the session Elias suggested this little exercise to release some of the fear and to reach enough relaxation of energy to be able to go on…


Now; move your body. Swing your arms.

Move your body. Shake your shoulders.

Move your head. Now; move your head in a circular motion and subsequently slowly move your head forward to your chest and back as far as you can move it. Slowly return to center.

Now; move your body again. Agitate your body.

Now sit. Now; breathe and focus your attention, moving slowly upon your neck and then to your shoulders. Release the tension in your neck. Drop your shoulders. Release the tension. Allow the energy to flow through your arms and out of your fingers.

Move your attention to your chest. Breathe.

Move your attention to your solar plexus. Relax.

Move your attention to your hips. Shift them. Allow yourself to adjust into a comfortable position within your chair. Move your attention to your thighs. Allow them to relax in the chair, in a comfortable position. Spread apart. Shifting energy down. Allow your knees to comfortably rest over the edge of your chair. Allow the energy to flow downward. Relax your calf muscles. Place your feet upon the floor, in a flat position. And allow the energy to release through your feet into the ground.

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