Bashar speaks about the underlying structure of the physical world that is called by many names, like Merkabah, the philosopher’s stone, the tree of life or Kabbalah. He says also that crop circles are a shadow of this one example of shadows of slices of this underlying template. If one can learn to vibrate in accordance to the frequency of this inner template, then one can really utilize this energy. This is the key!

We would like to entitle this short idea “The Bones Of God”.

Allow us to address the concept that in what you call nature there are obviously certain principles that you observe and that can be rendered, shall we say, down in their most basic form to mathematical equations, mathematical proportions, ratios and relationships of one, or many things to another, one or many things, all of these things you may call laws of creation, laws of nature, forces of nature and so forth are, when viewed on a very basic level, simply really nothing more than relationships of one thing to another, or one group of things to another, or one group of things to another group of things, or any combination you wish to label it as being in that same manner.


This relationship, this mathematical proportional relationship, is a description of the template so to speak that underlies all that you understand physiological reality to be, is kind of web a kind of tapestry made out of conceptual threads that when interacting with itself, forms a geometric pattern and a variety of geometric shapes, concepts and experiences.This template can in some senses be called the bones of god since it is the underlying structure, this geometric pattern, this concept, this idea relationship, is the underlying concept upon which all physical experiences hang, in which all physiological experiences occur. It is the setting. It is the stage. It is the very fabric out of which any experience in physical reality is made, is built upon. It is substance and form. It is shadow and light. It is everything you perceive the physical universe to be.


When you get a handle, as you say, when you can focus down into that level, this template level, the skeletal level of physical existence, you can then utilize this perception of this template, this primary fundamental framework, as a key to unlock the idea of what physical reality is capable of being, of what you are capable of experiencing.This key has gone by many names in your society, in your history. It is called the philosopher’s stone. It is called the Merkabah. It is called the tree of life. It is called the Kabbalah. It is called many things, but it is all the same one idea.


In many of what you call now upon your planet the appearance of the crop circles, the appearance of different kinds of geometric formations, in the fields of grain that grow upon your planet you are seeing one example of shadows of slices of this template, this underlying template, the bones of god, if you will, the bones of creation.And when you can learn to really vibrate in accordance to the frequency of this inner template, to match its vibrational frequency, then you can really utilize this energy, utilize this key, as we have said, to truly unlock reality in a new and profound way that allows space & time to become very, very, very nebulous, very malleable, very plastic, can be re-arranged by what you might call intention and mental energy much more easily when you utilize this core key vibration.Getting in touch with this core key vibration. being able to perceive the skeletal framework of existence, the bones of god, simply involves deeper appreciation, deeper attention to these proportions ratios and relationships mathematical constructs that exist throughout nature that again have gone by many names.


But in your own unique way, each of you, as an individual, can approach this idea and have your own unique relationship to this idea, and interpret this idea, in any way, shape or form that suits you best. You can interpret it through vibration in song, through visual vibration, artistically through words, through actions, through construction architecturally. Any number of ways can capture the resonance of this underlying template. And when it is so captured, or represented, or symbolized, or manifested, it thus does vibrate in harmony with this core template by whatever form you choose to represent it, by whatever symbol you use.And in vibrating in harmonic resonance with this core template, this skeleton of creation, all who then become exposed to that manifestational piece, no matter in what way, they are exposed to it, no matter what senses are used to perceive it. They then can take upon themselves that core resonance, and allow that core resonance, to unfold within their imagination, within their mind’s eye, within their intuition, in such a manner, as to allow them to find through their own inspiration what method of expression would best suit that individual in order to unfold their particular manifestation of this underlying structural template of the bones of god.


So explore this concept whole-heartedly. There are any number of different ways to do so as we have said. Whatever resonates within you the strongest, be it any form of art, any form of creative expression whatsoever, and sometimes even what you would call logical construct.Allow yourself to feel and appreciate the beauty of this beautiful relationship concept that exists throughout all of physiological reality that underlies every experience, every object, every person, place and thing, every dimension. Every concept that you can possibly have within the idea of your universal reality it is all tied to this one template, the bone, the skeleton of the infinite, in that sense. And in a very real way, thus, you can understand that this framework, this tree of life, this Kabbalah, this Merkabah, this form, this geometric pattern is therefore the most basic manifested representation in physical reality of the infinite. It is the seed itself that blossoms into every other thing that exists in your universal reality. So trace it all back. See the commonality. See the connectedness in the templates, in the patterns of all things, and you will see like an x-ray, with your senses, the skeletal framework of all that is.We thank you for allowing to reflect this notion from this particular point of view this day of your time.

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