Abraham describes here what it means to flow energy or being in the flow. Contrary to the beliefs of many people there are no “majorities” or other people required to get what one wants. The only thing one has to do is to ally with the expanded self and then let it happen…

Most of you have not been trained to be intuitive about whether the Energy is flowing. In your desire to be good, or in your desire to be right, or in your desire even to be at the right place at the right time, or in your desire to get the things that you are wanting, most of you, rather than being aware of how the Energy is flowing, which is your true and only guidance, you instead look at the results of how others have flowed Energy — and you have decided that by defining which of those results are right and which of those results are wrong that you can guide your life.

You start asking your secular government, “Give us laws or rules to live by.” You ask your religious people, you ask your God to give you laws or rules to live by. And then you do something that never works for you, you ask everybody else to live by those same rules or laws. And more people on your planet die as a result of the warfare over this battle about whose rules are right and whose rules are wrong than all other diseases or accidents put together.

The thing that goes wrong is that rather than using your guidance to guide you, you use the results, the negative results, to push against. And as you push against the negative results, you lose your connection to the guidance. That, in a nut shell, is the whole problem.

What is your object of attention?You say, “Well Abraham, will there be a time when everybody will get this?” And we say, “It matters not at all.” The only thing that matters is that you get it, because in the moment that you understand it, then you are able to allow. You are able to allow the Energy to flow through you – and as you allow the Energy to flow through you, then anything that you hold as your object of attention is the recipient of that beneficial Energy.

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