The Galactic Federation of Light have transmittet via Sheldan Nidle several exercises for Fluid Management, which is basically without hierarchical structures and where every member of a group or society participates fully.

1. Our first exercise is a simple one that many of you have probably already done. Start by asking each individual in the PAG group (Planetary Activation Group)  to list what she/he sees as her/his talents and abilities. The list should contain no less than three, and no more than ten items. Assemble the group and compare each person’s list to those of the others. Finally, ask the PAG members how they feel their talents and abilities intermesh. Discuss how these talents and abilities can contribute to the goals of your PAG.

This exercise is the second in a series of eleven working lessons. These lessons are intended to provide insight into the meaning of “fluid management” and how it can be successfully applied to your PAG and its mission.

2. Our second exercise builds upon the knowledge gained from the first one. Based upon previous discussions, your group will probably now have listed each member’s talents and abilities, as well as your PAG’s potential goals. Prioritize these goals. Discuss how the goals and the talent/ability “pool” intermesh. Out of this, create a series of goals and begin to implement them.

Whenever you implement goals, understand that each person has important insights to add. Use these insights and your group talents to successfully complete your goal(s). Remember that you are a team of enlightened and sovereign Beings. Use this process to learn how amazing and magnificent you all really are.

 Fluid Management

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