This is an excerpt of a channelling that Kryon gave in Israel in 2005. He gives three recommandations for the path of enlightenment.  These recommandations were given for a World Peace Meditation but are of course valuable also today.  The channelling has some special passages for Israel, so I cite only the informations about the 3 steps for enlightenment. I specially like the metaphor “packing your bags”. See the whole channelling here…

If you’re going to go on a journey of enlightenment, then you must pack your bags. Now this, of course, is a metaphor. We’re not literally asking you to pack your bags. But metaphorically this means to collect the things you’re going to need around you as you begin the journey. So you will get ready and prepare yourself.

What does that mean for a personal path? It means that you start to collect the things you think will be meaningful on a path of enlightenment. Learn what you can about the things that have been presented in front of you. Perhaps these will be books, perhaps various meetings. With your pure intent, you may wish to learn how to meditate better. Perhaps there are processes that you might be interested in or meetings you might attend to learn more about the energy of God. Look around and see what is presented to you that might give you sustenance and prepare your journey better. If you want to create peace on Earth, you’ve got to get up and pack your bags. Remember, it’s a metaphor. It means that you are taking a major journey – personally, not with those around you – not with the government or family or anyone else. As you clean the actual DNA residue of your own selves, you activate energies for peace on Earth, one Human Being at a time. If you are, indeed, a piece of God, this means that you may make a difference. So you are now packing for this trip.

Now, the next three things I’m going to tell you, you won’t understand. They will be confusing and not necessarily what you thought. Here are three steps for your packing preparation.

Number one. Do not make any interim goals. You know you want to walk a sacred path and the Human Being loves to make plans. “I’m beginning a sacred path,” you say. “And here are the goals: I’m going to do this and I’m going to do that. Perhaps I will go here and I will go there.” It’s a simple thing, and you are told that it’s good to do.

It isn’t going to work! Make no interim plans at all. Oh, there would be those who would say, “That’s useless information.” However, it may be the best information I’ve ever given you. Humans have a remarkable talent for canceling the good things that God has planned for them. By deciding in advance what’s best for you or deciding that you know far better than God does, you void the plans of God! Oh, be the tool that has not yet been shaped. You are the tool for peace on Earth. You begin a sacred path, but you have no idea what the tool is yet. It’s like purchasing a ticket for a train. The ticket says it’s for a destination to an unknown place, leaving at an unknown time. But the ticket is still good for the ride.

Difficult to imagine? Yes. But then I say, celebrate this process. Celebrate the unknown! Some may come up to you and say, “What are your plans?” And you smile at them and say, “I have no idea and I’m so excited about it!” Can you do that? Is it silliness or is it the way of God? Why don’t you talk to your ancestors about that? Some call it faith and say that there is a bigger plan.

So let me present number two, and it’s going to sound a lot like number one. Make absolutely no assumptions about anything. You’ve got it all figured out, don’t you? You say, “I’m on an enlightened path. It’s going to be much like that person over there. I’m going to do what they did.” Then you make the assumptions to do what they did, since you feel they did it right.

And here is the third one. Don’t make up your mind what the timeline is going to be. “Kryon, I’ve tried this energy you’ve spoken of, of a higher vibration. I’ve given pure intent. I’ve done all the things you told me to. I know something is happening because I’m feeling it in my heart. But now I’m stuck. Nothing is happening. And I know it’s supposed to happen.”

Human Beings are very impatient. You think you’re stuck. You think your politics are stuck. Nothing is going on that is good. Oh, dear one, I’d like to tell you something personally: The moment you gave pure intent for the change in your life, things went into action. Invisible to you, these things are. Action is taking place and movements in other areas that will affect you later. And while the energies you’ve set in place are moving around you, all you can say is, “Woe is me, I’m stuck.”

If you could interview the fetus in the womb, it would say the same thing! It can’t see the upcoming miracle of birth. It only knows is that it is trapped and uncomfortable… more so each day! Our perception is that your miracles are taking place right now. We know what’s for supper, but to you the meal hasn’t been cooked yet! How many of you can sit and enjoy “being stuck?” Perhaps it’s time for you to start thinking of this differently?

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