The Unique Human Capacity For Hearing Truth
Indeed, and that is the very point of all of these discussions. Sometimes it may take a little while. There may appear to be a lag between the hearing and the realization,, but this is the special propensity built into the human body, this birdcage, unique amongst all other birdcages anywhere in the universe.You have ears to hear. (Someone’s cell phone suddenly and loudly plays its signature tune and is quickly squelched.) Like you are all hearing this tune now! (Laughter)

Perhaps it is a bird! Now, all kidding aside, the most powerful, spiritual instrument you have in the material body is the ear. The ears conduct the sound vibrations, not only to the brain, but beyond the brain, the sound vibrations reach the bird. The soul hears these words right now and eventually there is an awakening, the realization. Thus, you are most fortunate of all the humanoid forms in the universe and there are many.

The human capacity for hearing truth causes an awakening. As it stands now, the soul is sleeping. The soul, or the jiva, if you like, the spirit-soul, is sleeping. The bird sleeps to its true knowledge, and in its dreaming it identifies with its own cage and thinks that’s what it is, so long has it been sleeping. When it begins to awaken, it recognizes eventually that it is not the cage, it is not the body, and in this way, you reap the rewards.

The Most Perfect Creation Tool In The Universe

You can picture this. You can pretend you picture it. You can make believe that you visualize it. So you have then five different tuning forks. You can name each one to the senses. And then, in your mind’s eye, pretend that you are able to gently hit one after the other. Each one resonates; it vibrates. At a certain point, all together, the five tuning forks will harmonize . . . creating a different but encompassing tone or tonality that incorporates each individual vibration, but thus creates a different product.

Thus, when you put this into effect in your quote/unquote “visualization”, which would perhaps even be better expressed as an inner harmonization, then you have a complete arrangement that sets about your abilities to create. And you do this, whether you realize it or not. But having the knowledge and the awareness and the practice necessary to fine-tune this instrument to make it even sharper and more precise with conscious intention, then you have at your fingertips a formidable device – the most perfect creation tool in the universe – because in and of  itself, it is also an instrument of the creation of the universe.

Again some very interesting informations from Kris – Kris Chronicles. The ear and the ability to hear is indeed often neglected … What he says about “visualization” as a process of “inner harmonization” is a good reminder to regularly visualize – at least 5 min a day. Visualization is the sharpest mental-tool for creating – the realization of desires…

The Universe is made of and governed by Music

The universe can be thought of as a giant symphony of sound, with each entity represented by a unique underlying numeric property or unique sound. All things are nothing more than an expression of something numeric or harmonic. You can see God in the order and harmony of the Universe. Geometry is God himself. The universe is a musical instrument and everything in it is vibrating in tune with the larger things that contain it.

Read the article at Mindreality. They have a huge archive of spirituell informations.

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