In his session 3021, which deals about Senses, Creation and the Universe, Elias speaks about how dolphins perceive compared to humans. As they have a wider range of  vibrational perception they see more of an object as humans do and they even hear the object, because everything is moving even if it seems to be stationary. This session is highly interesting, because “Senses, Creation and the Universe” is the actual wave in consciousness bringing new energies and therefore new abilities – if they are allowed.

Magic is coming, so to speak.

Dolphins  incorporate a much broader spectrum of sense input. Therefore, they can perceive a wider range of vibrational quality, incorporating the same five senses. How they would engage them, how they do engage them in some capacities is different from what you perceive. Therefore, if you are looking at an object, engaging your visual sense — let us say that you are looking at a blue ball. You see the sphere, you see what appears to be the material that the ball is comprised [of], you see the size of the ball, you see the color, you see the shape, you see a solid object. Your senses are expressed in a manner to input absolute information. You see a solid ball and see a particular color of this ball.

That dolphin sees a ball but not the ball that you see. The dolphin sees a variation of colors. The dolphin does not see a blue ball. The dolphin sees a multi-colored ball with predominantly blue hues, many blue hues, not one. The dolphin also sees the object less solid. Comparatively speaking, the manner in which the dolphin sees the ball would be similar to how you would see the ball if the ball was in the water. If you were moving the ball in the water, that would be similar to how the dolphin will see the ball upon the ground, for the dolphin perceives the movement.

The dolphin will also hear the ball, for the ball is moving, even if it appears to be stationary. Therefore, the dolphin hears the airwaves that are connecting with the ball and the ball itself connecting with its environment. Therefore, it hears the ball.

Therefore, yes, its senses incorporate a broader range than do yours, and therefore, what it perceives is different from what you perceive, and its sense input will be different. It will be more expanded than your own.

But this is what you are attaining to now.


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