This is the July 2011 Message from P’taah where he speaks about creativity, choice, the basic non-physical state of being and about the Universe fulll of abundance for everybody who can let it in…

Q: If we are so incredibly creative, how can we get more finely in touch with the process of creation so that we are not experiencing so much pain and suffering and angst? Most people aren’t very happy, P’taah. And they’re genuinely living lives of pain and suffering, at least in spots in their lives.

P’taah: Beloved, you know really the first thing to come to grips with, even if you would look at what is called the physical health, is the understanding that you exist first in a non-physical fashion. You each are a body of energy which exists in the non-physical. So the physical body, in a way, is a mirror of the non-physical and the e-motional body is a very powerful part of the non-physical.

So you may say, you have a spiritual body that is the part of you that is all knowing, that knows its own divinity, that indeed knows every facet of itself. You could call that Over-Soul or you could call it Higher Self.

Then as you express in this dimension – that is the Higher Self or the Over-Soul sends forth strands of energy to express into this timeframe, in this reality called this year 2011 or beginning in whatever year you were born — so indeed you choose it all. You choose your family. You choose your socio-economic situation. You choose a broad-spectrum game plan. You choose your siblings, your race, your gender, etc., etc.

Within this broad-spectrum game plan, you have a choice in every now, whether you will choose love or fear. Now, love and fear are in a way an abstract concept of the non-physical. However, you can see how love expresses itself in your dimension and indeed you only have to look about to see how the non-physical facet of you called fear expresses in this dimension of reality, in physicality.

So, the higher self sends forth these strands of consciousness and these strands of consciousness are made up also of the mental or intellectual body, the emotional body and the physical body, all bound together by the energy called Soul Energy or Higher Self or whatever you want to call it.

So, the intellectual body has beliefs about itself or about yourself. We will say your intellectual body has a belief about yourself and those beliefs bring up a feeling in the emotional body. And the energy of the intellectual body and the emotional body expresses and shows itself forth in the physical body.

So when you worry about being creative, it is only necessary to look at your world. You create the reality, the physical reality, of your body and outward from your body you perceive the reality that you believe and that you feel, which draws to you more of the same.

So if you believe in lack, if you have an idea that you are not very rich, that you do not have enough money and you believe that money is very hard to get, that it does not grow on trees, that you have to struggle very hard for it, and there is never enough, then indeed that idea brings up a feeling and the feeling is a fear of lack. And so what you will create day by day, week by week and year by year are situations that reinforce that knowing.

When you change that to the knowing that you are indeed a powerful, powerful God or Goddess and that you can create anything you desire by your thought and by the joy of that creation, as you focus on how it flows and give forth the thanks for the money – not only the money that you have in your pocket but the idea of money and how you see it all about you! In other words, when somebody else wins the big lottery and you allow yourself to see how wonderful it is how money can simply flow and give thanks for this reality – then indeed what you are allowing, what you are freeing up, is how the universe may divert the flow to you!

P’taah: Does that make sense?

Q: Yes and that it is not at someone else’s expense because it is an all-abundant universe.

P’taah: There is no need of lack for anybody and there is more money in your universe than any of you could possibly utilize. However, of course, because money is simply a symbol of energy, in other words money is consciousness, if we were to redistribute the wealth of your planet to every man, woman and child, within one year or so you would all be back to where you are right now because money is a consciousness.

The way to change the reality is to change the consciousness.

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