You don’t need to analyze your so-called limiting beliefs. You don’t need to know all their origins. You’ll drive yourselves crazy trying to sort all that out. Besides, none of it matters.

Feeling Good

What does matter is how you are feeling in this present moment. If you are feeling good, you are letting in those things you want. If you’re feeling bad, you’re not letting them in. It really is that simple.

All your power is right here and now, in this present moment. No past limiting belief can rob you of your power.

You humans have this strange habit of making life complicated and hard because you believe that is the only way you can achieve anything worthwhile. You know that saying you have  “No pain, no gain.”

That, friends, is the ultimate limiting belief.

Feeling good, looking for things to appreciate, choosing good-feeling thoughts — these are the sure-fire keys to improving your lives and living your dreams.

Then you won’t be so concerned about ridding yourselves of limiting beliefs. You will have automatically rid yourselves of them by simply deciding nothing is more important than feeling good, feeling passion, loving your life in the present moment.

Look for things to appreciate in yourselves, in your lives, in other people, in the world around you. That is the key to ridding yourselves of limiting beliefs. And it really is so simple!

Chief Joseph

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