Kryon speaks about the year 2009 as a year of conflict, a year of strife – at the outside as well as on the inside with many turbulences of energetic nature. But he tells of course, how to change and to end the struggle. There will be more turbulences in the coming time and it would only  be intelligent to be prepared…

Say goodbye to the old and permit the new to arrive. Permit yourself to feel the energy of peace, of joy and of magic. Begin the day with the wise saying that the divine light in you is able to move mountains. Oh, believe me, if this year has been very turbulent for many human beings, it leads into bliss for the Earth will rise some time. But these were only the beginnings and a raging of the energies will begin in every respect.

Cristal of Pure ThoughtIt is very important to check one’s thoughts as well as one’s emotions, to look at the divine light and to hear what the soul speaks. Turn away from fear and worry. Turn towards light, carefreeness, contentedness and towards the divine might. Do not allow limitations any more. Realize that you are the chosen one. Realize the special feature in you. Recognize the light that blazingly unites with anything you have ever been. All energies connect and become one. You are that what you are. And this releases a power that is boundless if only you permit. Gone are the times of restraint, the times of action are beginning and the intention is burning in your soul. You will realize, the new morning wakes you up with a smile.
Many human beings are going to step up to difficult times. Thus there will be energetic explosions, a massive devaluation of money, nations will split, people fight each other. From the highest authority there will be attempts to scare the human beings in the duality in order to keep the human beings small. There will be energetic processes that nobody will understand. It is all the more important that you are in your power. For when you understand that you bear the might to achieve anything in your divine core then you can give everything. When you can take all the presents and gifts you can also pass them on. Each single one of you is of the utmost importance in these times.

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