Wondered Out Loud made a short list of the important things to do on the way to enlightenment or just a happy life. Maybe it is the same… Anyway, the most important thing is deliberate thinking and feeling and appreciation for everything…

  • If I ever hold you responsible for my happiness, please kick my butt for me.
  • Knowing what you want is half the battle. Staying focused on it is the other half.
  • You’re walking towards a future that your mind is creating right now. If you’re annoyed, your future will be annoying.
  • Don’t do anything that you don’t really want to do. Inspired action is always genius. Action motivated by worry, guilt, or anger is a life waster.
  • Happy moment, happy moment, happy moment, happy moment = happy life.
  • When I consistently look for reasons to feel good, fairies do all the hard work for me.
  • I’ve noticed that when I make just a little effort to look for reasons to appreciate my world, even when there are more reasons not to, life becomes fun and easy.
  • When I try to criticize, scold, shame or correct anyone into changing, it never works.
  • Looking for reasons to feel good now sets the stage for a magical life.
  • Life is now, now, now.
  • These things bring nothing: worry, pessimism, criticism. These things bring everything: joyful anticipation, optimism, appreciation.
  • You always have the power to choose thoughts that lean in the direction of happy.
  • Powerlessness is believing that one other person has to do something different in order for my world to improve.
  • The best reason to appreciate is because it feels so very, very good.
  • Positive expectation of others gradually turns them into angels. Even the really bad ones.

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