A Source Event is a movement that is chosen collectively by all of the essences participating in the reality. Source Events are of such a magnitude that none of them are entirely fully inserted into your physical reality, for your physical reality is not expansive enough to accommodate an entirety of a Source Event, as is the situation with this Source Event also. But this particular Source Event is what you would term to be your largest Source Event to this time framework throughout your history, for it is altering many expressions of your reality and it is affecting of the entirety of your planet, your world.

You have incorporated other Source Events – religion, scientific – but this consciousness shift is incorporated globally. There is no small tribe in any corner of your world that is not affected. There is not one individual throughout your world in its entirety that is not affected by this particular Source Event.

Question: Is there a Source Event of this magnitude in the future?

This would be your choice, for what is the future? An illusion. As I have stated recently, the future is always followed by the present. Therefore, what is the future (confused laughter), if the present is after the future? (Elias chuckles, very amused)

The future is a projection, my friend. You never arrive at the future, you merely project to the speculation of the future, and once discontinuing your projection to the future, you return to the present which follows the future.  Elias

Elias speaks here about a source event in which we live actually – the Consciousness Shift, which is a kind of Apocalypse… He speaks – as he says himself – because many individuals asked for help in these tumultuous time and he says also that each individual has the choice to be on the top of this wave of consciousness by activating innate knowledge or risks to live heavy trauma because of all these new and strong energies which are now flooding in…

Elias is one of the most clear channeled beings that I know. everything he is saying is very enlightened and enlightening!


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