Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. It seems like only a moment ago that I told you there would be changes in the room, and I can feel them. The attribute of those from the other side of the veil is compassion. There are always questions, however. Some ask, “How do I know who is visiting me? I’m afraid of this or that and when I channel and I open my mouth, I don’t know what’s going to happen. Do I allow any energy in the universe to pop in?” And we say to you, oh, how 3D of you to think that the angels standing around you would ever let that happen! If it’s compassionate energy, it is from God. If it is not, it is from you. It’s that simple. Do not envision in your mind a plethora of dark energies waiting to pounce upon you, for this is a man-made suggestion. You’ve humanized God so much that you’re not even sure when Spirit takes your hand.

Let tonight change that. Know that wherever you go, you could call it what you wish, but there is an entourage with you. It’s so difficult for me to explain soul fragmentation, for it sounds like a negative thing, but it’s beautiful. There’s always three of you all the time, wherever you go. Oh, there are actually more, but three represents the main group. One of them is the Higher-Self, which is your core. How can I explain the Higher-Self? It is the core, you. It is the part of you that vibrates higher. It is not above you, but rather it is in you, and this higher vibrating “you” opens a portal that is literally a connection and a handshake to Spirit. And that’s you. So that’s number one.

Then there’s the conscious mind that represents the biological you. Now there are two parts. How many do you need for a group? You see? There are things about the quantum you that you have barely, barely got into, including the field around you eight meters wide. The Human Being is amazing.

The other major part is the part of you that remains on my side of the veil that you totally deny. You see it as a guide or helper that you are very attached to. Instead, it is the constant that connects you to God – always, wherever you are.


I want to talk about what is currently happening on the planet and I would like to give you, in this, the first full channelling of 2012, what I would call the attributes about the energy visiting you now. This energy is changing. Those who are in the seats in this particular room, and will be in the seats in the room tomorrow [speaking of those in the Okanagan Valley], will receive the same message. This represents one of the few times that I will repeat a message in the same language. It needs to be repeated. Transcriptions will be taken and many will hear it.

After my explanation, old souls will know more about the experiences that they are having and will understand more about what is causing them. This is given in love and there’s no fearful thing here. You sit in a safe place.

The energy that is being visited upon this earth has been expected. The Ancients predicted it and we have given you recent channellings, even the channeling given in that country which you would call Peru, about the shift of what we would call the movement of the feathered serpent [first presented in Kryon, Book 8 in 2000]. There’s an actual polarity shift happening between the male and female energy of the planet. The Northern Hemisphere, which has always been masculine-heavy, is changing. The Southern Hemisphere, which has not been biased in that way, is changing. The wisdom of the Ancients in the Southern Hemisphere is beginning to replace the wisdom of the Ancients in the North. And you’re starting to see a softer Human Being.

Spiritually, the old souls are alerted to this shift first and are beginning to receive biological changes. You expected it and it’s here. This process is one that is felt by the entire planet. Those disruptions you see in countries right now, which have not had disruptions for hundreds of years, are a result of this change – for this is what takes place when humanity begins to have more compassion, when they wish to unify more than separate, and new thoughts and wisdom start to occur.

New Invention

This new consciousness creates new inventions – higher science, higher thinking and solutions to those things that you have called basic Human issues. Population explosion, food, water, power generation – all of these things are going to change. There will be new thinking, new thought and new revelation in the next two generations, even some of it in the next 18 years. But a shift is occurring and I want to tell you who’s going to feel it first. It’s those in the chairs, listening to my voice and reading this, who have been on this planet so many times that they are used to the old energy. Old soul, you’re starting to remember. You’re starting to remember what it used to be like and what it can be like again. Old soul, you are beginning to recalibrate and this is cellular change in 3D.

These energy shifts we speak of are not going to be some kind of New Age esoteric magic. Instead, you’re going to see it clearly grounded in governments and in science. You’re going to see it all over the planet as energy begins to shift away from what anyone expected. Slowly. I’ve said it before. Slowly, there’ll be countries that have been in isolation for years that will open their gates. You better take some pictures now, because things will never be the same. Slowly, they will join the rest of you, and their children will meet your children and you’ll realize you have things in common and not the low energy attributes that you have been told.

The Recalibration of Biology

The recalibration of the old soul is the subject of this and tomorrow’s channel. So the channels will be similar and not a continuation. You don’t need Part A and Part B. I’ll give you everything today and everything tomorrow. I want you to know what you can expect and what some of you are already working with: Recalibration. Your biology has to shift. It has to absorb and work with, and be part of, a softer energy. If it’s going to do that, there has to be a recalibration of the core, or the center of the energy.

Those who have studied the lattice, representing the patterned energies around you, know of calibration. You know of the energies of balance that are required for a Human to start changing themselves. You know about that which is body rejuvenation, mentioned even this day about how cells divide and how every single kind of cell in your body, including brain and heart and skin, regenerate. They are designed to regenerate and if they’re lost, they’re designed to regenerate, and if they’re damaged, they’re designed to regenerate. Oh, I say it again, Human, don’t you find it odd that the starfish can grow back a limb and you can’t? Don’t you think that’s odd? This will change.

Well, if everything rejuvenates, don’t you find it odd that a disease can start to change how a Human thinks, and the scientist will tell you that their brain cells are starting to die or move or change or be poisoned, and the Human even loses the memory of love? Where is the rejuvenation? Where is the repair? That’s not how DNA is designed, dear ones. Cells are designed to go back to the blueprint and create a new, fresh cell. That’s how it’s designed! Your science is going to see that and your spiritual bodies are going to see that, and the ones who sit in the chair have got to recalibrate to work with it.

The recalibration is automatic. You don’t have to ask for it. Let me repeat that. It’s going to happen because you’re an old soul, and that’s why you’re here. You don’t have to ask for it. But the recalibration is what you expected and what you’re remembering. But perhaps it’s not what you expect, exactly?

It’s uncomfortable! Now some of you will know where this message is going when we start giving you the attributes that I would say are less than positive, which some of you will experience in the recalibration process. Now, this is some of you, not all. Every single Human Being has their own unique path, so they will experience these things in their own way. So this is not a generic list of what is going to happen to all old souls. These are, instead, potentials given of many symptoms of recalibration that old souls may experience, and who are here and ready to move forward on this planet.

The List

Some of you will have dizziness. It’s an attribute of recalibration. That’s all it is and it will pass. But it’s worrisome, for those who will become dizzy will also become disoriented and that might even cause a fall. So what do you do with this new knowledge? Number one – know you’re not catching a horrible brain disease. Number two – walk more carefully! Does that make sense to you?

There are other things. You’re going to have trouble sleeping – more trouble than normal. You’re not going to have one awakening, but rather two or more. So already some of you, who have been feeling these things, know what’s going on. It’s recalibration.

The first question the Human asks is, “How long will this occur?” The answer is, as long as it takes, oh dense one. [Kryon smile] I think you get the idea. The recalibration will take place as long as it takes, and if you fight it, it will take longer. Worse yet, if you drug yourself against it, it’s just going to keep happening. Celebrate it and move forward with it. Tell your cellular structure you understand and move with it, not against it. This will quicken it and it will pass even sooner.

Every single biology [Human] in the room is different, and now we bring up something that we have not brought up for some time, but you need to hear it. What works for you in health is based almost completely and totally upon your Akashic inheritance. Where did you spent the most lifetimes? Perhaps it was in Asia? Perhaps India or Tibet? Perhaps it was in the Southern Hemisphere? Each of those places and cultures will have had different food, which worked to keep you balanced and healthy. Yet, here you are in the Northern Hemisphere, in this lifetime. What I want you to know is that you are significantly influenced by the kind of diet that you used to have [in your past lives].

Perhaps you were vegan. Perhaps you ate only grains. Therefore, your cells will crave that diet to feel balanced. Do you understand? There are others who come mainly from North America, from Europe, and who never had those kinds of diets from Asia or the south. Therefore, they won’t have any trouble at all with the food of the land. Listen: There is no one, generic answer to the question: “What should I eat for Spiritual health?” There are no “shoulds.” Instead, there are good signals from “innate” inside you, which gives insight as to the most healthy things for your own body. In other words, listen to your cells!

Now, why do I mention this? Because you’re going to get advice from people on what to eat to correct what’s wrong with you as you recalibrate. So I’m going to tell you right now, ignore them. Instead, go inside and let your own Akashic Record tell you what is going to work for you. Don’t be surprised if some of you come up allergic to some things you’ve always eaten. I will tell you: Your biology is recalibrating. This attribute will be necessary for you to move forward, for you to shift to the place where you can be balanced with the most wisdom.

Many of you might not like some processed food, because you’re not used to it in your Akash. Do you see what I’m saying? If you’re going to pull the Shamanic energy up from the depths of the wisdom that you have learned and walked through over and over through past history, some things are going to come with it – like your balanced diet, for instance – and you’re going to have to deal with it. Don’t fight it.

Expect these things. They’re there for you to see and feel. See them for what they are: recalibration. “Dear Spirit,” you might say, “thank you for this recalibration, for caring enough about me to know that this is where I want to go and what I want to do.” Human Being, how you recalibrate now will determine how you will come back in the next life. You won’t have to go through this again – ever. Akashic inheritance is far more than the genealogy of those Human Beings you came from [parents]. You know this. An inherited Akash represents those things that you’ve experienced in all the lifetimes, regardless of your parents’ genes. Sometimes, these are the most predominant and heaviest things that you have to deal with. The ones in the chairs listening to my voice are beginning to deal with these things. So that is the other thing: Expect these past things to come forward for clearing.

Clearing the Past

Maybe you haven’t done very well with the life lessons in the last few lives, and this one you felt you would do better? You will, because the earth needs you. And it doesn’t need you encumbered with fear. Instead, it needs you to say to yourselves, “I accept this recalibration. No matter what is in my body at this moment, it can be gone. If it’s inappropriate, it can be gone. I stand as a piece of divinity on this planet – wise, appropriate, and I belong here. This is my time. Cellular structure, listen: If there’s anything inappropriate, let it be gone. Let it wash away with the waste. Let it go out because it is not seen as appropriate, it is not commensurate to the energy of the love of God. Let only compassionate things enter my consciousness.” This may be hard for some of you to say.

The Good News

So now, let us look at those things that you can expect physically, which will not be as hard.

Number one: You are going to be able to deal with even the worst habits that you’ve ever had in your life, and get rid of them very quickly. It is a new energy of cooperation with the energy of the Lightworker. Did you get that? Oh, let us pause, please, and take just a moment for a deep breath, for I am dealing with those listening to my voice and reading this who have gone through thousands of years of persecution, suffering and torture. There are those who have been burned at the stake. This is because the energy you brought into the earth was not a match at all for what the earth was experiencing. Holy men and women would be asked to heal somebody one moment, and then to go to the edge of the village and jump off a cliff the next. Fear is that way. And you’re here. I know you. You’ve come back. However, now, this planet is starting to move so that all of the things that you have brought to this planet with your Akashic experience will begin to cooperate with the new energy.

Oh, take a deep breath, for enhanced manifestation begins – not immediately; not today; not this hour; but ever so slowly. This quantum clock starts to move in your direction. The earth is receiving a more gentle, passionate energy. That is what you were born with. That’s the tool that you have. In the past, this has been seen as odd and strange and representing weakness. You’ve been ostracized. Some of you have been cast out of your family. I know who’s here. I’m telling you that in this new energy, even they may look at you differently and see how you’ve started to become softer, not even knowing it’s them who have changed.

Things are going to work that didn’t before. Do you have a habit you’d like to break? Is it the way you think or the way you eat? Is it what you put into your body? Is it what you smoke? Is it killing you and you know it? You know who I’m talking to, dear one. Would you like to change it? So I’m telling you that what you do in this energy is going to respond in your body very differently, even if you tried it before.

Listen: Not one of you is allowed to say, old soul, wise one, you’re not allowed to say, “I tried that and it didn’t work.” If you do, it will be as a child talking who doesn’t know how things work. Instead, you’re going to say, “This time I know better. I will manifest it because the body is listening. It’s my time.”

Cooperative Energy and How to Use It

So that’s what the new energy brings: Cooperation. Things are going to go better and flow better. They’re going to move forward instead of back. When you put out the word of what you wish to have in your life and the process begins, many of you are going to start seeing a positive return right away. Synchronicity is the key. Put yourself in places to have those things take place. Do not try to manifest something and then go into the closet and wait for it. Instead, put yourself in places where you would expect it to manifest. Do you understand? That is where the answers will be because there are others walking around with your solution! They’re looking for you, as you look for them. Don’t sequester yourself. In a recalibration mode, there’s a tendency to sequester, because you don’t feel quite right.

The Common Cold

You’re going to catch more colds. Why would that be? But then you’re going to heal them quicker – and why would that be? The Human cold has always been a recalibration of the biological process. To catch a cold is needed, and that is why you cannot “cure” it. You must go through it. The common cold is a cyclical opportunity for the immune system to correct itself. Perhaps you didn’t know that? That’s why you’re not going to receive the chemistry to cure the common cold. It’s a recalibrating device within you. It builds up the system in a certain way that helps you, and it must be reoccurring. Don’t be shocked when you catch one, and say, “Well, I didn’t think that would happen because I just got through with the other one.” It’s recalibration.

These are the kinds of things we wanted to bring to you, so that you will know what is taking place and not fear it. There are many positive things representing a truly positive energy that is occurring on the planet and turning the corner of opportunity for humanity. This is an energy that supports the Lightworker. There’s no more upstream swim, dear ones.

Now, all of you are different, and I know who you are. Commitment is the key. You cannot do any of these things casually, but you knew that, didn’t you? When you commit to the manifestation of what you need in your life, the Universe is listening. When you receive messages from my side of the veil, I will tell you something that you already may know. We do not have a clock. So I speak to you in the now.

I see the energy in the room, and I see who is here. I see the old soul. I speak to you in the now. So it’s up to you what your clock does and how long it takes in your reality. In my reality, it’s already done… already accomplished, for the strongest potentials become manifested reality. Can you see that way? Can you walk out of here with it already done in your mind? There’s energy in this room that is infusing itself right now into the places it needs to go.

What to Expect Spiritually

Spiritually, what can you expect? This recalibration is about being able to stay on this planet in health and in happiness without drama or fear. That is what the old soul remembers is the potential of this time.


My partner mentioned earlier in his communications [the lecture] that one of the greatest mysteries to him is why old souls have such profound self-worth issues. In his ignorance, he stands there and says he has no idea why this would be with old souls. I’ll tell you why: It’s because for hundreds of years, you’ve been beat up! Every time you move two steps forward, you’re beat back one – sometimes five. Then you come into this life expecting what? Very little. For some of you to even start a project, you have the little voice inside that says, “Oh, I knew that would happen.” You don’t expect much, do you? That’s because in an older energy, everything you did was met with resistance. Everything. Every time you wanted to make a positive suggestion about something that might help, you are told to get lost. Every time you saw spiritual wisdom in a complicated problem, nobody else saw it. They weren’t interested. You were isolated over and over. When things got hot, you called for a solution. Most others called for the sword. Now we are saying that this is changing.

So, spiritually, you are going to have to love yourself more, and now is your opportunity to do so because there is a Universe inside of you called cellular structure with trillions of pieces of DNA. These pieces are starting to react and are becoming ready for your instruction sets to be given. The hand is out, you might say, of your cellular structure, and the cells are saying, “Ok, you’re the boss. What are we going to do?”

The Key to Self-worth

Self-worth is a program. It’s a program! It’s information developed from experience, and it’s something that is learned. You can un-program it! All you have to do is tell yourself what you want. “Dear cellular structure,” you might say, “I deserve to be here. This is my time. I have things that others want. This is my time. I’m important in the scheme of the earth. I have earned my stripes. This is my time. Dear cellular structure, get rid of inappropriate, emotional issues that keep me from moving forward into my beauty and power. The power that I speak of is that ability to create compassion and light everywhere I go.”

Your cellular structure will smile, give you the hand that has been waiting, and say, “We are your partner in this co-creation. Let’s get going.”


Recalibration. It’s going to have attributes that are challenging and that are beautiful. What’s it going to feel like to you, to suddenly become more enlightened and have more information? You will feel you’re much more part of God – with a cold. [Kryon smile] Falling over sometimes, and you have to laugh. Biology is this way. It takes a while for the shift, months, perhaps more.

So while you deal with the issues of recalibration and discomfort, know why they are here. Then at the same time, celebrate that which is in you, which is more compassion and which starts to work in your life. Things are going to work better.

Free Will and the Whole Picture

Now, all this is assuming that you get this message and you relate to it and manifest it. That is to say, your free will choice is what’s going to happen. If you ignore the message, very little will happen. You’re still an old soul and you have free choice.

Finally, I give you one of the common questions about this recalibration: “Kryon, you say the Earth energy is shifting. That means all humanity is going to feel it. Right?” Yes. All humanity will feel it. You’re going to see it in the way governments are eliminated and are re-formed. You’re going to see it in ways of different thinking. You’re going to see it in the ways my partner has told you are possible, which I have channelled in the past, thinking differently.

Old energy regimes will not renew themselves, but decide to change. Societies that have lasted 1,000 years a certain way will decide to suddenly change.  Cooperation and unity over the next two generations will start to become the norm. Someday there will come a time where you will look back on today and say, “We were barbarians.” That’s a change.

Timing and the Future

I am on my side of the veil in the now. I have no clock to give you here. I am just telling you that this is what I see. I see a healed planet, eventually, with new science. I see a planet where there is no permanent disease and where clean water is never an issue. Never! I see a time where all Humans have electricity and it’s easy to get and it’s inexpensive, where you can heat your homes easily and well. These are all of the things that are in the strongest potentials in the quantum soup of manifestation. But I cannot give you a clock.

What I can tell you is that Earth recalibrates itself and there are going to be issues. Some of them will be political, and some will get worse in the recalibration attributes, and the earth will feel it. Will everyone become enlightened? No. You represent less than one-half of one percent of the Human population, old soul, and you are going to strike that match in the dark. We’ve told you this before: You’ve become the match bearer in the dark when a few lights allow all to see better. That’s your job, only the work just got easier.

I speak in the now. I cannot give you a clock. Please understand the wisdom of this as you leave the room. See the potentials, not the daily news, and if things don’t happen tomorrow, Human Being, in your quick turn-around consciousness, don’t be angry. God has patience; you have patience. Isn’t it worth it, having lived all these lives, to now come and give this one a chance?

There are those in this room who wonder how long they’re going to live, because of what’s going on right now. You know who I’m talking to. So I will tell you the potential that I see is a very long life. There are still those who might say to me, “Yeah but, yeah but, yeah but…” No matter what I tell you, some will have an excuse why it can’t work. That is the old energy speaking to you. Recalibrate! Start seeing what is possible and make it what IS.

The Quantum Factor

Finally, this: The more science takes a look at atomic structure in the very small and then looks at the Universe in the very large, they will begin to see a commonality. Your science is starting to see that there’s no randomness in what looks to be random in 3D. Instead, they’re looking at intelligent design. This means that in those attributes you call creation, the way things came together were biased for life, biased for compassion. What you see is the handiwork of God. It can no longer be denied that there is a creator.

As you turn inward and start to deal with yourselves, I want you to see the same thing within you. It’s about time you understand that you are not random. Your life is not random. Things don’t happen to you randomly. They happen to you in a way that you create. There is a system here, and it can be directed and programmed and re-programmed. This is manifestation.

This is the lesson of all humanity eventually – to create a healed earth; to create a peaceful one; to go places you never dreamed you would go in invention and health. This is the beginning. I have no clock. But I have the strongest potentials to see, and that is what I give you today as my partner sits in the chair in front of you. The potentials that we see are grander than they were last year. If the Lightworkers will recalibrate easily, they can speed the process. Don’t fight it.

So, as you leave this place and life returns to normal, and the routine is the routine, you might look back upon these few minutes we’ve had together and say, “I wish I could do those things.” You tend to fall into the old energy so easily, not realizing who you are. This is why recalibration is needed, so you will not think that way. What happens in a multidimensional state has to do with consciousness out of time and space. Just walking on this planet, holding the light, creates energy that you did not know you had. That’s why we want you to stay in health, without drama or fear. Those who feel they are not doing anything for the planet are in a black and white world as they spread color all around.

So assign a goal, if you wish, because Humans love to do that. But let me tell you this: There are many of you already achieving change just by being alive and having compassion for others around you. Some of you in the room are teachers; some are channellers, and some are healers. Some are not interested, and I know who they are as well, for this message is not for all. You stand on a precipice of potential that I came here for. That’s why Kryon is here – to help you across this bridge. Congratulations for making it this far.

The old energy will fight back, dear ones. Expect it, but this time expect to win. And you will. For now, in 2012, is the beginning of Lightworkers having the upper hand. That is to say, light is being seen and the seeds that were planted so long ago are beginning to be harvested.

And so it is.


Live channelling given in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada, January 7, 2012<
Channelled by Lee Carroll for Kryon

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