Rub Your Earlobes

The earlobes are very important acupuncture points, very closely connected to remembrance. When the ear is pierced the energy within gets a sever jolt. In fact, piercing the ears was even a well-known remedy (more…)

Living Matrix und Quantenheilung

Das Video “The Living Matrix” – Heilweisen der Zukunft  –  bietet eine hervorragende Einführung in das Wesen und die Wirksamkeit der bioenergetischen Medizin: Anhand nachgewiesener Forschungsergebnisse wird gezeigt, dass nicht unsere Gene, sondern Energie und Informationsfelder unsere Physiologie und unsere Biochemie bestimmen.… Read the rest

Appreciation And Abundance

The Morning Song offered by P’taah is one of the most beautiful “prayers” one can say. As P’taah, who is channelled by Jani King says himself, it “transforms the frequency of fear and lack into the frequency of abundance (more…)

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