Ni Dieu Ni Maitre - 4 MousquetairesNo matter how tempted you are to look to others, you are your own authority. And the answers literally -literally” come from within yourself, and I mean now through your own private experiences that cannot be given to you by another – they must be experienced.

I can only help lead you toward a recognition of those truths and help open your own inner doorways and help you use your own minds and intellects, until in one miraculous moment, your intellect and your intuitions click together and work like magic, and then you will know what I have been saying all this time.

~ Seth – ESP Class Session, 7/30/74

You are far more than the conscious mind, and the self which you do not admit is the portion that not only insures your own physical survival in the physical universe which it has made, but which is also the connective between yourself and inner reality. …

It is only through the recognition of the inner self that the race of man will ever use its potential.

~ Seth – Dreams and Projections of Consciousness, Ch. 8

In this video Larken Rose also speaks about the own authority vs. collective control…

And remember the motto of the “4 Mousquetaires”:

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