Bashar answers questions about 2012 and explains from his view point that it is a threshold to the dominance on positive energy on earth and it is not a “majority” which realizes this very important step of humanity, but relatively few individuals. This challenges the majorities in democracies which are misused to accumulate power by politicians and this misuse is only possible because these majorities are rather blind and unconscious, so far…

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Q. What is the date, December 21, 2012, for the Mayans…

B. The threshold crossing date, yes.

Q. Can you explain that to me better.

B. Well there are many ways to look at this, but one of the ways that we have talked about this is to recognize that it’s a recognition of when the collective consciousness on your planet will have reached a critical mass and crossed a threshold so that after that date, the energy, the collective energy of your planet will be slightly more tipped toward the positive than the negative. And from that point forward that can start to snowball and accelerate. Now, that doesn’t mean that the majority of people will be that way, it simply means the majority of the collective energy will be tipped toward the positive.

Remember, positive is integrative and geometrically expansive so it doesn’t take as many positively integrated people to, in a sense, energetically, outweigh billions of negatively oriented people. But the idea is that on that date, it’s a representation of when you have crossed a threshold when the collective energy of your planet, of your consciousness, will be slightly tipped in the direction of the positive and can accelerate from there.

Q. Are we on target, for that?

B. I suppose you are, Well, I’ll put it to you this way, if you weren’t we probably wouldn’t be having this conversation because it would serve no point.

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