Wealth and Abundance
There will be a while, while you are changing your beliefs – for example, you will find yourself in a period where you feel quite self deceptive and you are saying ‘I am surrounded by wealth and abundance’,and you still look around you and you are poor. And you think, ‘This is a lot of bull!

But it took you some time to build up your beliefs to the point of your present experience, and, so, in your terms, there may be some lag before your new beliefs draw to you abundance. But, your physical experience follows your thought. And you cannot change the experience without first changing your thought. Now it does no good to believe two things at the same time.

So, what you do is this — you say, ‘I will play around with this idea. I will admit that it might be possible that my own thoughts about money are causing my lack of it. And so, for the hell of it, I will, several times a day, pretend that I am surrounded by abundance, and in my mind I will imagine the things that I want. If it does not work, I have not lost a thing, but if it works, I have gained a lot.’

So, you try it for several weeks, and each time that you do, the idea becomes a little bit more possible, a little bit more real. And, in the meantime, these thoughts are changing the beliefs that you have had.

They are at least balancing them. And they begin to draw to you abundance. There is no other way to change your physical reality, but by changing your thoughts.

Jane RobertsSeth transmitted by Jane Roberts – always good to remember this great Master of  New Age Philosophy!

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