You want love?
Unconditional love is your true nature
You want less stress?
The peace of God passes all understanding
You want power?
The Eternal within you is the source of all Power
You want freedom?
Truth is freedom from your self-entrapment
You want enjoyment and pleasure?
Consciousness is bliss
You want to know? The fountain of wisdom whispers to you from within
You want to escape mediocrity? Getting to know yourself is the supreme adventure
You want togetherness and belonging? You are one with God and the universe
You want creativity? Divine Imagination is creativity
You want motivation? The Spirit is your Inspiration

Have You Ever Dared to Imagine

…that everything is Infinitity in form?

…that God (the Universe, AllThatIS) is all there is?

…that all of your troubles arise from imaginations of fear?

…that when you bless anyone, you are blessing everyone and yourself?

…that when you think belittling thoughts, you are belittling yourself?

…that everything that has ever happened to you is designed exquisitely for your benefit?

…that when you curse someone, you are cursing everyone and yourself?

…that when you make a phone call, you are talking to the divine?

…that when you say “fuck you!” you are attacking yourself?

…that when you touch a lover’s body, you are touching the divine?

…that when you hit someone, you are punishing yourself?

…that when you say “Yes!” you are affirming Infinite Love?

…that when you criticize, you are pretending that perfection is not present?

…that when you are in a hurry, Eternity is right here right now?

…that Home is wherever you are?

…that stupidity is just forgetfulness?

…that boredom is simply unawareness?

…that war is just an inner conflict with yourself?

…that there is nothing to lose and nothing to gain?

…that victims do not exist except in our psychodramas?

…that you are a spiritual being forever?

…that peace, silence and relaxation is the deepest place in your being?

…that joy is your forgotten nature?

…that you cannot fail?

…that forgiveness is just waking up from your victim story?

…that nothing but the Infinite is guaranteed?

…that contrasting and changing form is God’s recreation?

…that insecurity is a myth?

…that you are a forgetful god with unlimited love and power?

…that fear-based thinking is your only enemy?

…that all of your addictions are just your blind search for the Infinite within?

…that death is a mirage?

…that the mirror of the world is an exact image of your thoughts?

…that imagination is where you are joined with the Infinite?

…that the outer treasure you seek is within?

…that when you feel abused, you are believing victimization can occur?

…that time and space are just props for this magnificent drama?

…that nothing exists outside of the Infinite and that you are Infinite?

…that your purpose on this planet is awareness, awakening and healing?

…that the power of healing is hidden inside of you?

…that you are the Light of the World?

…that nothing can harm you – unless you allow it?

…that light is your nature and en-lightenment is your destiny?

…that you are already joined with others in spiritual awareness, although not in the ego story?

…that your only enemy can be within?

…that every meeting with every person contains an opportunity for your growth?

…that there are no mistakes, accidents or coincidences in this spiritual life we are living?

…that this universe is an intelligent, compassionate and caring process of self-discovery?

…that infinite life force flows through you constantly unless you repress it?

…that you attract every experience you have for a reason?

…that responsibiility is power?

…that there is no separation, no lack and no entrapment except in your story?

…that you know everything except what you have repressed?

…that you are Imagination Unlimited?



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