At the Kryon Website you can download several sheets with pictures of various crystals – mineral helpers so to speak  for healing, ascension, new consciousness, strength, peace, letting go, light and many more…  There is more information about crystals at the site. I think these crystals are very good tools for all kind of challenges.

What are the Crystals?

The Crystals date from the time of the old Atlantis. They are the Crystals of Divine Reality. They have the highest energy and they are from the highest light. Every Crystal has its own consciousness and is assigned to a specific deity. Besides, in its vibration every Crystal corresponds to a specific number, for numbers also have a consciousness.

The Crystals actually exist inside the Great Pyramid of Giza in a chamber, which has not been discovered yet.

How can I use the Crystals?

You may draw them into your aura (visualize them). For example, when you visualize the Crystal AVATARA, the Crystal of Focus, you will find your center and experience peace and balance.

You may energize food with Crystals, for example by putting a glass of water on a Crystal which you have cut out. Here AN’ANASHA, the Crystal of Gratitude is the most suitable. The Crystal ARIS (grounding) works very effectively when a person suffers from cold feet which can be a sign of a lack of grounding. You may also directly draw it on the soles of your feet with a pen….

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