Reptilians are “in” actually, in symbolism like vampires, demons an alike.  Bashar gives here a short overview about this race and their characteristics…

Q: Do reptilian extraterrestrials have the power to take over here?
Bashar: No.
Q: It seems to me that the Greys evolved out of the Reptilians, is this accurate?
Q: No. Anything connected there? There’s something there, I know.
BASHAR: Yes. The idea to understand, first of all, is that typically what you call the Greys are not even really, even exactly, what you would recognize as extraterrestrial forms.
Q: Okay.
BASHAR: They are actually, in some sense, another branch of humanity from another dimension.
The idea being: within their history they have created certain things to have happened that brought them into the state that they are in, and now they are attempting to change some of those things, utilizing the DNA of another time stream — your own — because it is, in that sense, basically the same DNA that they have as originally human form.
The idea also of the Reptilians is that there is an off-shoot with regard to the early experimentation of the Annunaki, with regard to DNA existing on the planet Earth from what you would call Reptilian form, or dinosaur form.
Q: In our time stream, or…?
BASHAR: Yes. As to what you might call the earlier experimentation, from the idea of what would populate the planet — that particular branch did not really go where they wanted it to go, so they began again with the hominid form. But at this time there was representation of a connection between the Reptilian form and the Human form on the planet, being that you both, in a sense, originate from the same stock, in terms of the overall genetic structure of life on your world. And thus, then also, the Reptilians symbolically represent what might be represented as the Reptilian form of brain that is part of your brain activity on the Earth, even though it is now also augmented by what you would call the primate brain.
There is only thus then a connection of the idea of Human, Grey, and Reptilian in that there is what you might call hominid DNA within all three coming from — blending with Annunaki DNA in all three — representing the idea of early connections on your planet, but then divergence in history, divergence of purpose.
Q: So sort of cousins?
BASHAR: Several times removed.
Q: Yes, all with one common relative, the Annunaki.
BASHAR: To some degree, yes.
The idea of the Reptiloid civilization, by being connected to many other civilizations that have that function, will often, now and then, find themselves in different time frames and you may perceive them interacting with you on different levels, from different spaces and places in space, and time as well.
Q : Right. Historically, was there a time when they were sort of impressed into service with the Orions?
BASHAR: Yes, and in many cases some of them still are.
Q : Yes … okay. What I’m getting now, that in regard to the Grey program, the genetic program, perhaps, there is another race that’s not being spoken of, that is being created also, that evolves back into the reptilians and that….
BASHAR: There are several different things going on that have not really been spoken of too strongly, at this time, because it is not appropriate and would take away from the main agenda that it is important for your people to understand, first and foremost. But all of that will come out in time and you are sensing that there are many other branches to things going on .
Q: Yes.
BASHAR: But we can perhaps give you a little better insight as to the origination of the idea of the reptiloids, even though it was not necessarily begun at exactly the same time; perhaps even prior to the genetic alterations that took place in the creation of the humanoid form, as you understand it now. Still again, the concept of the Annunaki takes place in this, in that they utilized the genetic material of the reptilian life forms on your planet to create that race before they got around to utilizing the humanoid, or in your terms, the idea of simian life on your planet that was naturally inherent on your planet to create the humanoid life form you are now familiar with as yourselves. You understand?
Q : Yes, I do.
BASHAR: In the idea that the humanoid life, quote/unquote, ‘rebelled’ in their servitude, the idea is that the reptilian life did not. You understand? Thus they were removed mostly from your planet and continued to be utilized in service to many other beings, in that way; whereas human species were simply left to fend for itself on your planet. You understand?
Q : Yes. Are the Annunaki, Sirians?
BASHAR: Lyrans. Originally the idea from Lyra and eventually splitting off into the idea of Orion systems, Pleiadean systems, now and then in future contexts especially; some connection to Sirius energy but that is a different route altogether. Does this help you?
Q : Yes. Thank you very much.


Q: Isn’t the Grey’s initial agenda creating you? Isn’t that a major part of what is going on?
B: In some senses, yes, but there are many different factions involved and many different kinds of things being done within the agenda that simply have nothing to do with his (Alpha Deyo … a rebel reptilian) resonance. Thus, it isn’t necessary that you must look at this in the same way that this will play out politically on your planet. There is no punishment involved here. There is simply the idea of resistance and the attempt to turn oneself more towards the vibration that one deems to be true for oneself. Thus, the assistance that is being given is simply helping to solidify that reality for the being.
Q: Just as the Greys can’t join the Association, by his turning towards you more he’s able to reach that frequency?
B: In some senses, yes. And now there’s another thing also for you to understand … pay attention … again, as we give this to you, to some degree what we are telling you, from one slice, is linear. But do not assume that what we are about to tell you is the ONLY thing
that is going on. If you assume that what we are about to tell you is the only thing that is going on and the absolute end all be all of all the information that has to do with this, you would be making the same assumption as if I said to you that people from England come from Europe, and by that you assume that only people from England are from Europe and only Europeans are from England. You understand?

So, keep that in mind when I tell you the following: in what you may call an ancient time, within what you would call the Lyran system, from there came those beings you understood to be the Anunnaki. Many of you already know this. And they, in many ways are, to some degree, involved in the genetic manipulation of those species that ultimately created the reptilians from the dinosaur stock and your human species, as well as many others, from some of the indigenous stock on your planet. The idea being, in that sense, of course, that the reptilian species derived from that stock was removed from your planet whereas the human species was not, due to various changes and shifts going on within the agendas of the politics, so to speak, just for now euphemistically, of the Lyrans, of the Annunaki, as you call them.

After the idea, also, and during this time, to some degree, but after the idea of the destruction of natural causes of the Lyran system when there was the Diaspora into other star systems, such as some of the Orion systems and the Pleiadian systems and so forth, of what you would call in the past, the Annunaki. Then it can also be understood that certain factions of the Annunaki, in arriving in the Orion systems, did continue the idea, besides the ones that were isolated upon the Earth, of going in certain directions and ultimately led them to self-destructive ways. In some of these factions that experienced these self destructive ways within the ancient Lyran Annunaki systems, you would find that the destructions they caused upon themselves is what ultimately allowed them to become what you understand them to be today, this faction called the Greys. In that sense, therefore, the Greys and the Reptilians are still cohesive, in that the Greys, as the ancient Annunaki created them. And the Greys and you are still cohesive in that as the ancient Annunaki, they created you. In that sense, they are trying to gain back what they lost, in that sense, as the ancient Annunaki, to render themselves to some degree into that state again, by utilizing the genetics that they have already spliced within you, based on their own original genetic patterns which makes you compatible.

Thus, they are attempting, in the creation of the hybrid races such as our own, to regain the idea incarnationally of what might be, in their eyes, considered to be some of their former level of status and glory. But this is only one faction, in that sense. Some of what some individuals, in some of the abduction scenarios, have recognized as tall, muscular, Nordic types, are actually some template recreations of the idea of the ancient Annunaki bodies, in what your ancient people refer to as the gods, in that sense, of great stature and build. But these are not in any way, shape or form, the idea of what you would call absolutely sentient beings with free thought. They are, to some degree, the idea of puppet templates to allow them some idea of creating certain genetic resonance patterns that would help them fulfill their particular agenda in that level. Regaining whatever it is it is possible for them to regain; though it will never be exactly the same. This it is given to us now, at this time, to give to you and we have done so. But again, remember, that this is a description of one slice of linear reality. It is not the whole story….

ReptilianQ: How does it feel to be a reptilian?
Bashar: Hungry. Ravenously, ravenously hungry.
Q: And what do they sustain themselves on?
Bashar: Not you {much laughter} Although there is a component of the consciousness that they can utilize in that way to sustain themselves for brief periods of times. Their ravenous hunger does not always have to do with the idea of physiological sustenance.
Q: Yes, but where does it come from?
Bashar: Where does what come from?
Q: The constant hunger?
Bashar: The constant hunger is a reflection of the deep, dark fears within many beings, for they reflect that primarly, in many ways.
Q: Okay, and do they have emotional bodies?
Bashar: Oh yes, they do.
Q: And are they similar to us in any way?
Bashar: In a primitive way yes…rage.
Q: Where do they come from?
Bashar: This has a long history. There are Rigelian counterparts, genetics. There are also genetics that were lifted off your own planet, from what you would call, the dinosaur age. There is an admixture and a mutation that exists therein.
Q: Okay and how about the Lizzies, where are…
Bashar: This is the same idea.
Q: Same idea, okay, all right.
Bashar: Are you making a catalogue?
Q: You know what I’m doing. I’m using you to tune in because I was always curious to see how…this is how I want to relate to these different beings and how they feel and how they experience reality.
Bashar: All right, you can learn much from that perspective. Of course, we also understand you will always want to relate to them from the perspective of your own choice.
Q: Yes. The other group of beings is called, I think, the Blonds, muscular type beings, the Nordics, the Blonds…
Bashar: We will not go into them right now.
Q: You can’t comment on how they feel?
Bashar: Not right now.
Q: Could you tell me where they are from?
Bashar: Not right now.
Q: If I tell you where I thought they were from?
Bashar: Maybe.
Q: Procyon.
Bashar: One variation is from Procyon, but not all the ones that are identified as Blonds.
Q: Okay, thanks a lot.
Bashar: Thank you. How come you didn’t ask about the Tau Cetians?
Q: I was going to ask about the Founders. How does it feel to be a Founder?
Bashar: It feels eternal to be Founder, if you can get a grasp on that…feel as old as you possibly can, archaic, ancient, ancient but always totally present…eternal is how the Founders feel. The Tau Cetians are very friendly and will become one of the best friends your species has ever had.


Q: Are there Reptilians involved with the Galactic Federation?
B: No, not directly.
Q: Why not?
B: It is, in that sense, not who they are. It is, in that sense, not their vibration to be. They are not, in that sense, a cohesive civilization, as you would understand that, in the way that is representative of those that are in, what we call, the Association of Worlds. It is, in a sense, an attached civilization energetically, a limbic offshoot of the Grey civilization, genetically engineered and part of the collective consciousness of the Greys that represents their primal level. In that sense, they do not function as a cohesive civilization but as an appendage to another civilization.

Q: The reptilians: what DNA was used for their initial development?
B: Many different forms of what you would call dinosauria.
Q: Not one particular species?
B: There were some strains more than others, such as that you would call the troodon and some of what you would call the raptors and so fourth, but it is also a blend and a mixture over many different generations of experimentation.
Q: What frequency do the reptilians vibrate at in their reality?
B: They don’t actually vibrate at a frequency that is congruent with your reality, so to give you a frequency would not be an one to one correlation. If they were to project into your reality I could give you a correlation but it does not necessarily extrapolate directly or relate directly to the frequency scale we often use to represent your {human} frequency.
Q: Are they {reptilians} mostly autonomous or are they mostly servile?
B: It is an odd and unusual combination of the two. We can not really say ‘mostly’, it is too blended to separate those concepts apart from one another in their society. They are autonomous and they are in many ways servile. It’s their nature, in that sense, yet they are autonomous within it–yet they are designed in a certain fashion. Their vibration relative to your reality would be somewhere between 11,000 and 37,000 cycles per second. But again, remember, that is not a direct relationship to the frequencies that we often give you–it is calculated in a different way that we will explain in a future date….

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