Today I received a newsletter from PETA informing me about the annual slaughter of seal babies that has just begun. Right now, seals are being shot or having their skulls crushed on the ice floes.  Most of the young seals who will be skinned during this slaughter are so small and helpless that they simply have to watch their attackers approach and raise their weapons to crack their skulls.

Peta asks to send an email to the Olympic Comitee to help end the Canadian slaughter. This is of course one action that can be done. But the main action is to not buy these animal products. If there is no market for such bloody products they will not be killed any longer. Industry is producing very nice fake furs. There is no reason to slaughter seal babies or foxes or whatever animal to wear their skulls.

The seal slaughter is only one aspect of a global cruelty with animals. No wonder that the cruelty between humans also raises. In fact the cruelty has become normal so to speak, the norm. Slaughter of seal babies, of whales, of fur animals, of beef, of chicken, of turkey of billions of animals… And that is not all. Most of these animals are kept in concentration camps before they are slaughtered. Just like in Guantanamo. No wonder that the slaughtering of humans continues also.

Animals are feeling beings. They do not live to be killed for food or fur coats. They are a beautiful expression of consciousness and they are our companions. We should love and enjoy them…

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