In this exercise you are practicing initially with acknowledging your experiences and what you are expressing, whether you like it or not, and not pushing, not attempting to eliminate, not attempting to rid yourself or divorce yourself from your experience,— but merely acknowledging yourself and also not discounting yourself and expressing to yourself, “Why did I incorporate THAT?  THAT was stupid!  THAT was awful!  THAT was unnecessary.”  This is merely discounting yourself and reinforces what you do not want.

Whereas, if you are acknowledging your experiences and your actions, you are not discounting yourself and you generate a different energy, which moves you more into the direction of acceptance.  It is an efficient practice to move you into acceptance.


If you are concentrating your energy upon what you do not want, that is what you shall create.  If you are concentrating upon lack, you shall create it.  If you are concentrating upon conflict, you shall create it.  You DO create what you concentrate upon.

Engaging the exercise shall interrupt that automatic discounting of yourself that is continuously occurring.  In interrupting that, it creates a different type of energy.

I may express to you, at the closing of one of your weeks you shall be noticing different, and you shall be experiencing different and expressing different.  But continue the exercise regardless, for that reinforces your acknowledgment of yourself and generates it into much more of a familiarity.

In the moments that you notice yourself opposing, which is frequently, do not attempt to push away; merely acknowledge that that is what you are expressing.  Attempting to eliminate or push away reinforces, and reinforces your discounting of yourself.

It matters not what the appreciation is.  It can be that you appreciate the shoes that you are wearing this moment.  It can be that you appreciate the shape of your fingernails.  It can be ANY expression of appreciation; it matters not.   That automatically changes your energy.  You may be opposing in the next moment, but in the moment that you are expressing that genuine appreciation, you cannot be opposing.

For this is significant that you allow yourself this exercise to interrupt that movement and initially offer yourself some expression of ease, some expression of acknowledgment to not be generating this intensity of agitation, which is difficult to penetrate.


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