This session by Elias,  channeled through Mary Ennis, is so brilliant, that I recommend to read it from time to time to keep the “personal leprechaun” active…

Elias speaks in this very savant session about “Energy as a Magnet”, about the whys and why affirmations mostly do not work. It is a must read session about basic mechanism of consciousness. Very cool!

This day, we shall be discussing “whys,” how energy operates, and importance – and the importance of importance! We will begin with “whys,” for as I am aware and as you are aware, this is your favorite question. Why, why, why! And as I have attempted for an extended time framework to alter the “why” into a “what,” you continue to hold to the “whys.” Therefore, we will be exploring the “why” question….

We shall view your energy as a leprechaun. Now; you all know that leprechauns are magic and they can grant wishes.

Now; your energy is your own leprechaun. But your leprechaun does not distinguish between good or bad; it merely grants your wish in whatever you are expressing. It makes no association of whether what you are expressing is good or bad or comfortable or uncomfortable. Therefore, if you are generating actions, the doing, and feelings, the associations, and thinking, the thought mechanism, in a direction of “not enough” in association with any manifestation, it matters not. It may be “not enough” in some expression as large, in your perception, as money; it may be “not enough” in some expression within your association as small as not enough bread. It matters not what the subject is; it is the “not enough” that you are expressing.

In that, you are expressing to your leprechaun a statement, and your leprechaun is responding and expressing to you, “Very well, you have it.” And it will give you precisely what you have expressed. Whether you like it or you do not like it matters not to your leprechaun. You have put forth a request and it has answered precisely in conjunction with your request. This is the simplicity of energy. What the difficulty of energy  is recognizing it and paying attention to it.

Every action in every moment within your reality, you are projecting energy. There is not one moment within your reality that you are not outputting energy, and that energy that you are outputting precisely draws to you the same. You automatically draw the same energy that you project.

You can all visualize your energy in this moment. Close your eyes. Visualize your body, standing. Extending from your body is a shockwave of energy that is moving outward in the thrust, the intensity and the distance of a nuclear explosion in this moment. That is how powerful your energy is. The power of that energy, as it creates that shockwave that extends outwardly, generates an action as a magnet, the most powerful magnet that you can imagine. That magnet will pull to it any expression that matches what you are projecting. It will intentionally seek out any expression, any manifestation that matches the energy that is being expressed.

I have expressed many times, objective imagery is very abstract. Therefore, in relation to one form of energy, you can draw thousands of different types of imagery to yourself that will all be associated with that one type of energy.

When an individual expresses, “Why did I do this? Why did I create this?” the manner in which you answer that question is to evaluate what you are doing, what have you been doing: what have you been physically doing and engaging, but also what are you doing inwardly, what associations are you generating.

An individual may notice that they generate this concentration upon not enough money. I am incorporating this particular example, for many, many, many individuals concern themselves with money. It matters not how often I express to you that money is one of the easiest manifestations that you generate; most of you continue to not believe that.

Therefore, let us say that you notice that you are concentrating upon not enough money, and you decide that you will counter this. You choose to begin generating affirmations to alter your thinking. Therefore, you choose an affirmation, perhaps “I will be generating abundance; I am worthy of money; I want to create wealth.” You express this affirmation day after day after day, and you generate no difference in your reality and you become frustrated. Perhaps you reinforce yourself and express to yourself, “Perhaps I have not generated the affirmations long enough, or I am not generating them enough times within my day.” Now you are expressing the affirmations twenty times within your day, you are incorporating this action for a month, and you do not view any alteration in your reality. Why?

That is merely one action that you are doing. You may be saying words, but what are those words associated with? Are they present? No. Do you FEEL them? Do you KNOW that, within yourself? Are you generating actions that express that knowing that you already are creating that? No. You are concentrating upon you have not enough milk, you have not enough time, you have not enough energy, you have not enough of what you want in your relationship, you do not have a relationship, or you do not have enough control of your situations or your circumstances. But you are not paying attention to any of these expressions and noticing any of these expressions of lack.

You are concentrating upon your affirmations and continuing to express, “Why am I not creating this?” You are not creating this for your energy is not moving in that direction. It is moving in the direction of your leprechaun expressing, “Oh, you want ‘not enough’? You have it! You express ‘not enough’ continuously – you may have it!”

Read the whole Session 2227 online. It is full of knowledge and wisdom!

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