You’re in charge of your vibration. And when you get that, you will finally, maybe for the first time ever, but once and for all, be free!  When you get it that the way you feel is ONLY about your attention to some subject, then you are free.  Abraham

Yes, everything in the whole Universe is vibration. And it is up to you if you choose “good” vibrations which mean happiness maybe even ecstasy or “bad” vibrations which mean sadness, sorrow, guilt, shame… Of  course, you choose first the thoughts and imaginations and then comes the feeling…

The Temple of Sacred Sound is an interactive website that has installed 3 sound rooms with sacred sounds and beautiful images that can help you to project good vibrations – for you yourself and the world. But before entering one of the rooms you should put yourself  in a relaxed state of being with thoughts that are positive and productive.  The sounds that you will hear enforces this state of being and therefore your positive feeling. You will find on the site a Protocol page that tells you the best way to use the 3 chambers Om • Ah • Hu.

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And this is a clarification from Elias about feelings and emotions…

A feeling tone, within itself, is different from an emotion that you call a feeling. Think to yourselves, for you all have held an experience similar, of walking into an unfamiliar setting within your space arrangement. You sense something within the space. You immediately translate this sense into what you identify as an emotion. You express that this space feels happy or oppressive or silly or sad. These are emotions. The recognition, within a sense, that you held immediately was the feeling tone. You are very adept at translation, and it is immediate. Therefore, you may confuse yourselves in interpreting the emotion to be the same as the feeling. Feelings are not always emotion. I use this term of feeling instead of sensing because it is a thing that you feel within your body consciousness. It is different from a mere sensing, as you would sense danger. Within a feeling, your subjective awareness and your body consciousness are working in harmony to offer you information. You only do not recognize what you are being offered in this information. This extends farther than only in identification of what you may think of as elements that you sense, for this feeling tone may be very instrumental and useful to you within your everyday interactions. If you are allowing yourself to be tuned to self, you may recognize within encounters of other individuals your own response in feeling tone, which is very subtle but is also in many instances very different from the reactions or responses that may be invoked through your belief systems.

Your thought processes and your emotions are filtered through your belief systems. Therefore, they may be clouded; but in like manner to impulses, feeling tones offer you more accurate directions. You may also understand that these feeling tones are not an impulse of yours. They are a feeling that you tune into, in receptiveness to another individual or place or thing. It is a resonance within you.

Excerpt from Session 183

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