Actually in the state of the world with all the so-called multiple crisis,  many, many people expect their salvation from politics and similar authorities.  They position themselves into the state of victims feeling themselves powerlessness and unworthy. And of course these “authorities” are only too willing to take the “responsability” which is a fake responsability because no one can be responsable for others. They are victims themselves, using stealth personal power strategy  to control situations and other people in order to maintain a sense of superiority.

There is a long tradition in victimization. Nearly all religions are based on it and have an image of a God which is the only one who can save the human being.  This is distorted knowledge with some truth in it. Everybody can save himself if – if he embraces the whole personality which he is, if he allies with the so-called Higher Self which has been also called God, Daimon, Buddha and more… Jesus Christ i.e. showed the way how to redeem oneself from a victim to a divine being. He showed it as an example. If one wants to be “saved” – to be the self that one is – one has to do it by oneself.

Self Victimization is good for nothing. It is an inferior state with low vibrations. If you want to find out that you are self victimizing you there are 3 clear signs for it:

Projection of blame on others
Complaint about the situation
Justification being in this state

Being a victim impedes to ride the crest of the wave (of consciousness), be on the leading edge of “evolution”, which means that one is not going with the flow. It is resistance and resistance is stress, pain, suffering – no movement.

The solution is to recognize first if one is in a state of victimization and then choose a different state of being, a state of sovereignty, taking on the responsability for all things happening in the own life.  Listen to the intuition, the impressions, the impulses, the emotions – the means of communication of the expanded self.

All one has to do is to have this clarity, then choose a new state of being and going with the flow of the whole self – running with the wind so to speak!

I am running with the wind of my soul!

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