Action was never meant to create… You can’t see things that are right under your nose when you’ve been beating the drum that is different from what you are wanting.

It’s amazing how things come into place when you use the power of the Laws of the Universe and stop believing you create through the mundane, mediocre, not-very-powerful-at-all action that you muster by dragging your body from place to place.

Your action was never meant to be the way you create your reality. The action was the way you meant to enjoy the reality you created through the alignment of thoughts.

As Abraham says “action is fun”. However, if the action is based on fear, or pure duty, or imposed by others – “authorities” – action becomes actionism with all the negative side-effects we know, as well from our own actions as from collective actions such as politics. Or as Laotse says so clearly:

Do you have the patience to wait until your mud settles and the water is clear?

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