Stromaufwärts – Stromabwärts

Wenn ich längere Zeit autofahre, höre ich gerne CDs von meinen gechannelten Freunden. So hörte ich vor kurzem Abraham-Hicks fantastische CD  “Let your feelings be your guide”,  in der er davon spricht, wie man die Emotionen steuern und  “Die Kunst des Zulassens” üben kann. In einem Teil der CD beschreibt er ein sehr anschauliches Bild von dem Strom des Bewusstseins… (more…)

Resist NOT Bullies

You know all the “bullies” out there trying to rule the world, enslave people and who think they “know better”. I am speaking of the people of the New World Order – the financiers and politicians in the United States, Europe (more…)

Sexual Chemistry

Relationships – sexual relationships – are a big issue for most humans in the world and the question is: Why am I attracted more to this or that person and not to another. Abraham answers these questions and by understanding it one can more easily attract what one wants. It is – as for everything – the Law of Attraction at work. The whole secret is to line up FIRST with who you really are and then you get what you want or as Jesus said: “Seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness” …

Question: When you are tuned in, tapped in, turned on and you’re in a room with others who are also tuned in, tapped in, turned on, but you aren’t attracted sexually, that sexual chemistry with every single person. And I was wondering what is it that evokes it from say, this person and not that person?

Abraham: Well, you have to remember that you have put your vibrational escrow together very intimately with a tremendous amount of detail over a long period of time. So, as you synthesize life, your preferences are honed. Your personal preferences are honed so when you come into vibrational alignment with those carefully honed preferences – everyone in the room doesn’t match the data you’ve been gathering and the conclusions you’ve come to, you see.


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