8 Ways To Reassurance

STOP  – stop whatever you’re doing.

RELAX – relax your mind, let go of any beliefs.

BREATHE – normal breathing, not deep breaths.

OBSERVE – observe your breathing, notice the silence.

TRUST – trust the breathing, trust the silence.… Read the rest

Healing Is Allowing

Your natural self is a balanced self; it is a healthy self. Allow yourselves to understand that a preoccupation with being healthy can sometimes be an indication of holding on to a belief of disease. The self that is balanced does not think about the idea of trying to be healthy. (more…)

Sahara Sunset

Zur Zeit habe ich keine große Lust, über irgend Etwas zu berichten und zu schreiben. Ich höre Musik wie z.B. von Karunesh,  meditiere und entspanne mich. Schließlich ist Entspannung ein grundlegendes mentales Werkzeug… (more…)


Some quotes about effortlessness from Seth, Elias, Abraham and Bashar. It is good to remember from time to time the possibility of effortlessness of being and of creation… (more…)

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