A very important aspect of Animal Rights is hunting which is still considered as a sport. The hunters in Europe claim that there would be too much game animals if they where not hunting. I cannot prove if this is right but intuitively I don’t like the idea of hunting and maybe the hunters messed up the natural “birth control” of  the animals…  And of course there is the hunting of wild game like bears or animals in Africa. This is real terrorism for the animals. And what is it good for? Thrill by killing?

And of course there is the hunting of the whales which is especially barbaric, because whales are a species of very high intelligence.

…your creatures of your whales and your dolphins are a projection of you; therefore, they are an aspect of you.

Now, that aspect of you desires to be, in a manner of speaking, fragmented and therefore be essence. It is generated from you. It is not that these creatures have been inhabiting your planet, so to speak, separate and apart from yourself and in one moment have decided “I choose to be essence now.” No. They are already aspects of you.

They in themselves are not essence but they are consciousness. They merely are not incorporating an energy personality tone as do you, and therefore they are not generating other manifestations or other attentions simultaneous to themselves, for they are one of your attentions. That attention of you, in conjunction with you, expresses a desire to be a personality energy tone, and you, in agreement and in association with YOUR desire, express compliance with that. Therefore, in a manner of speaking, it is a type of fragmentation. Elias

All this has to be considered when speaking about Animal Rights and – like with everything – each person has the power to act himself. Nobody has to wait for “governments” or other authorities. An even in the Genesis eating meat is considered as a curse. So – think about it!

Beautiful images of animals and whales:  Ashes and Snow [Whales are No. VI]

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