Spells have always been part of witchcraft and are considered by modern man as superstition. However, spells work, especially for the own purposes because what you believe manifests. So it is better to know your “spells” which are called nowadays rather affirmations. We affirm nonstop what we believe and our spells or affirmations are written on the wall – so to speak.  We affirm what we like and even more what we do not like and are often unconscious about what we “write on the wall”.

One very effective method to know about  the own affirmations and to change them if they are unpleasant is certainly   EFT  founded by Gary Craig and in EFT especially the  Palace of Possibilities  which shows how affirmations work and how to choose new ones. The most dangerous spells are not those which we construct for some purpose but those which we do not know.

Gary Craig writes:

We live in a Palace of Possibilities.

  It is an ever expanding structure and is filled with awesome rooms and annexes that are loaded with achievements and joy. These rooms are open to everyone, although most of us only visit a few of them. It’s not that we are barred from any of the rooms. No indeed!! They are our birthright. Rather, it’s that we choose to dwell only in those rooms within which we are comfortable. Somehow, we don’t “belong” in those other, more expansive rooms. They are for others. They are for richer people and more privileged people and people with more talent than us. We stay within the familiar (our comfort zones) and don’t venture beyond the walls (limits) of the rooms we have chosen. Why? Because our cans and can’t are written on those walls and we obey those dictates as though they were real. Our incomes reflect those limits. So does our self image. In fact, there is scarcely any part of our makeup that is not affected by what’s written on those walls.

The words on our walls are metaphors for our self talk, of course. They represent the attitudes, opinions & beliefs that we have accumulated over the years. Many of them are hand-me-downs from our parents, grandparents, teachers, coaches, religion, peers, books, TV and an endless list of other “authorities” in our lives. Upon inspection (which we will do in this series) many of them are laughable. Nonetheless, they still seem to have a hold on our progress.

We all have different words on our walls. That’s why we appear to have different limits. Your limits are different from mine because the “truths” written on your walls are different from the “truths” written on mine. However, they are not really “truths” at all. They are just the guidelines we have adopted for getting through life–AND–many of them are fictions. They are hand-me-down beliefs that were written on our walls by others and we have been dutifully obeying them ever since. This need not be.

This brings me to a foundational concept upon which The Palace of Possibilities is built. It is of critical importance and underlies just about every idea we are going to explore in this series. It should be tattooed on the insides of our eyelids so that we see it every time we blink. Its truth is undeniable, yet it is so subtle that we tend to ignore it. Here it is:

“We constantly consult the writing on our walls.”

That writing is our most prominent advisor and we consult it all day long. And why not? It represents every experience we have ever had. It contains all of our “how to’s”. It contains our cans & can’t as well as our should & should nots. It contains our must & must nots as well as our sense of fair play. It contains our version of proper behavior as well as what is right or wrong in this world. It contains our judgments, our successes and our failures. It’s all there – everything we hold to be true – written on our walls.

Gary Craig

BTW: It is a good idea to write your most important affirmations on a real wall – or at least on the desktop – to see them very often and by  this facilitate  their installation in your mind.

This is a spell that helps against sadness. I found  it at The Witches Blog 

Goddess help me
Goddess guide me,
Guide me thru sadness
Show me the path of gladness
Help me to manifest only the best
Guide me in my rest

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