Bashar about 2012

Of course there are a few different kinds of interpretations and many different ideas that are connected to those notions other than just the popular ones, shall we say. [audience question] Well there are a few different things we can check. (more…)


Roland Emmerichs neuer Film 2012 bedient wie alle seine Filme die tiefsten Ängste vieler Menschen, nämlich vernichtet zu werden und packt diese Vernichtung in ein Weltuntergangsszenario, das auf dem Kalender der Maya basiert, der 2012 endet. (more…)

The Rubberband Analogy

In his wonderful workshop ‘Accelerating ET Contact’ Bashar speaks about how to reach higher frequencies enabling contact with his civilization, about parallel worlds, 2012, UFO landing and more. And as his civilization considers the human society as very limited and living in dark ages he shares also this analogy about the rubber band which is pulled far into the dark and will – when released – catapult humans very quickly into the light…

You know that when you take a rubber band and pull it back and let it go it shoots up in the opposite direction.… Read the rest


Es kommt in eurem Zeitalter beinahe einem psychologischen Trick gleich, zu der Einsicht zu kommen, daß ihr tatsächlich eure Erfahrung und eure Welt selbst gestaltet, einfach weil aufgrund eurer Wahrnehmungsgewohnheiten (more…)

Another Boat Comes

If you missed your boat this year, no matter.  Another boat comes… You have the whole eternity at your disposal.

I wish you a Happy Christmas and all the best for 2013 – the beginning of the “New Age”. May all your dreams, wishes and intentions come true.… Read the rest

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