Trust and Surrender

To me, vulnerability is the willingness to be open to All That is in full and total trust. The willingness to be open to All That Is in full and total trust is what you are talking about when you say surrendering. … Read the rest



Carl Gustav Jung introduced the term of synchronicity into psychology. He understood by this that what is in your mind manifests outside.He didn’t go as far as saying that each person creates reality,  but he was aware of synchronicities which couldn’t be only accidentally.… Read the rest

Gefährliche Ausserirdische?

Stephen Hawking warnt erneut vor Alien Kontakt
Zwar zeigt sich der weltberühmte Astrophysiker Stephen Hawking davon überzeugt, dass es intelligentes außerirdisches Leben gibt, doch warnt er schon seit Jahren schon nahezu gleichfalls eindringlich davor, mit diesen Spezies Kontakt aufnehmen zu wollen.… Read the rest

Forever Young

Or at least staying longtime young…
I found a video of Bashar where he speaks about how to stay young and not only at heart. He says that when you stay in the moment doing things that excites you and time seems to be fleeing away (more…)


Beliefs are one of the most powerfull mental tools in this area of consciousness which is called earth. Beliefs influence the perception (the creating mechanism) so much that one can see literally only what one believes.

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