Shifting is the Change

Again a very interesting session with Bashar about how we create reality. What he is saying is that we can never change the world but shift to a parallel reality which represents the change we have made inside. So change is a shifting – an individual shifting – to another reality which then is representative of the “new self”…

Q: It’s really exciting because we have great opportunity like you were saying to turn this mass darkness into light  and so I’m wondering what insights you have, you know is this more….… Read the rest

Sahara Sunset

Zur Zeit habe ich keine große Lust, über irgend Etwas zu berichten und zu schreiben. Ich höre Musik wie z.B. von Karunesh,  meditiere und entspanne mich. Schließlich ist Entspannung ein grundlegendes mentales Werkzeug… (more…)

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