Imagination oder Meditation

Imagination ist eines der effektivsten mentalen Werkzeuge
Ihr wurdet gelehrt, dass Imagination nicht wirklich ist. Es ist was ihr mit dem Begriff “vortäuschen” bezeichnet. Das ist falsch, denn im Bewusstsein – dieser Teil, der euch nicht bewusst ist, wird eure ganze Realität in der Imagination begründet. (more…)

Consumer Society

Since a certain time the media – as well as our unwise “leaders” and of course the economy “experts” – do not speak anymore of human beings or only citizens, they speak of consumers.  (more…)

Weaving The Future

In one of his newsletters Kris from the Kris Chronicles speaks about the Financial Crisis, about weather conditions like floods, ice storms, and also about self-sustainability, etc. He speaks about the trauma (more…)

Hearing And Seeing

The Unique Human Capacity For Hearing Truth
Indeed, and that is the very point of all of these discussions. Sometimes it may take a little while. There may appear to be a lag between the hearing and the realization,, (more…)

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