This is the P’taah Message of December where he calls humans as extraordinary torchbearers, as Gods and Godesses playing a game called Human Life. Unfortunately this game is deeply infected by fear  which is – together with guilt – the opposite of  love. Fear can be overcome in my opinion only by really understanding that each human being – every animal, plant, everything on Earth – is divine or in other words by self-awareness.  And then love becomes possible.

It is a great joy to speak to you this day because we indeed know you – know that which be your strivings, your courage  That which be the yearnings within the breast of you to become the more of who you truly are.

Who you are is extraordinary, likened unto torchbearers. That which be the yearning within the breast of you to know, to expand, to grow, to transform that which is the fear and pain, that which is the anguish of soul into freedom and sovereignty, into joy, into grand deliciousment, makes you the torchbearers because, beloved ones, you are not separate from your brothers and sisters.

You are not separate no matter how much it feels that you are isolated, no matter how much it feels that you are an island, no matter how much it feels that nobody really knows you. You are not alone.

And that which be your courage, that which be the desire within the breast to be the more, as you come more and more and more into the knowing, into the expansion, so it is because the consciousness of humanity is not isolated, not separate, so indeed you serve every being upon your plane. It is a grand service that you may render really.

You are not alone! You are awesome, powerful, multi-dimensional spiritual beings. whether or not you know it. You have lived thousands of lifetimes whether or not you know it. You exist in every dimension unto the realms called angelic, whether or not you know it. You are grand and wondrous and you do not know it. You do not know it!

What is it really to know?  It means that every fiber of your being rings with that knowing. Every cell in your body knows the grand truth of you. That is knowing.

There is no doubt in knowing. The knowing is of your heart. Your soul knows–that part of you, that grand multidimensional beingness of you knows that there is not one particle, not one facet of you, that does not exist because it is an Extension of Creation,  the Source, God/Goddess, All-That-Is. That is who you are.

What is it, the reality called Divinity? What is it in truth?  You know it is so simple. The truth is it is simply Love.

And what is Love? It is God/Goddess, All That Is. Love is the thing alone in your realm that in and of itself requires no return. That is what Love is. It is whole unto itself. Love is indeed the building block of your earth. In your world it is that which be the physical expression of reality.

Your bodies could not exist if they also were not the reflection of creation. Your bodies hold every aspect of your physical universe within. Your bodies exist in their cellular and indeed molecular structure through the light of that which is Creation.

Your body is a grand temple. Every cell exists in the light of creation. Your cellular structure is no different from that which be the floor that you stand upon, the chair that you sit upon. There is not an atom or molecule in your existence, in your world, in any world, in any universal galaxy, that does not exist because of Love.

Love is not simply some ephemeral pipe dream. It is not simply some idea-construct.    Love is existence. And in your world, the polarity of that love is fear. And fear you know. You have dwelt with fear not only all of this lifetime but indeed every lifetime that you have known upon this realm.

The polarity of Love. It is fear that keeps you in separation from the knowing. It is fear that brings you diseasement. It is fear that brings you pain and anguish. It is fear that creates the negative judgment that you have about who you are and indeed the negative judgment that you project outside of you.

It is real. It is valid, the fear. It is valid. However, the good news is that you do not have to be controlled by fear. You do not and are not required to be driven by fear. However, you, being the powerful, multidimensional beings that you are, have the choice in your day to day life about how you deal with the fear.

There is not one of you who is not driven by, manipulated by, controlled by, fear. Not in every occasion, of course. Certainly not, because all of you here also know love and joy and laughter and play, exuberance, compassion –  you know all of that. However we say to you, if there is any area of your life which is not expressing the wondrousness of who you are, then indeed it is based on fear. Lack of any kind in your life is based on fear which creates a perception of lack. Does this make sense to you?

Wherever you perceive lack, you are coming from a place of fear. Because the truth is that you really are Gods and Goddesses. It is not too grandiose a name for you, you know. You are really Gods and Goddesses. Mightily powerful.

If you doubt your power, my beloved ones, simply look at your world. Because no matter how you judge your world to be, you indeed have created it, hmm? You have created it all, co-created indeed. If ever you doubt your power to change your reality, simply stop and look at your life. Because no matter how you judge it, it is your creation and whatever you create is valid. There is no judgment about that, not anywhere. No judgment.

When you look at your world and you say, “But look at the horrors that are wrought in this world, how can there really be no judgment,” we say to you indeed we do not use the words ‘Gods and Goddesses’ lightly. You are not judged. There is no body to judge you. You are in every way a Perfect and Eternal Extension of the Mind of Creation. No matter how your society may judge, we say to you there is no universal judgment. You are Gods and Goddesses playing a game and the game in this Now is simply called ‘My Human Life Now’, however it is.

P’taah channelled by Jani King
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