Ben Stewart, philosopher, musician and producer of the movie Esoteric Agenda speaks in Kymatica (83 min.) about the consciousness of human beings – of the consciousness of each cell – and of all consciouness that exists.  In one part of the movie he speaks about the role of the heart which “generates the strongest rythmic electro-magnetic field in the body”. And this electro-magnetic field changes when the felt emotions change.

Science only discovers now what a lot of teachers – physical and non-physical – are saying since a long time:  Follow your heart! But of cource, few people would like to follow dark and painful emotions. So that’s why one must generate Positive Feelings – lighten up the electro-magnetic field so to speak – if one wants to have beautiful and joyful experiences.

Another movie which I would like to recommand is the Holographic Universe.  All these movies show a new way of thinking and are at the top of the crest of this wave of consciousness which will change our perception, and I may add, this change is very different from what our so-called “leaders” expect…

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