Alle Welt spricht von der Schweinegrippe und dieses Thema hat die bisherige Betroffenheit über die Finanzkrise fast vollkommen überschrieben. Vielleicht ist das auch der Sinn und Zweck dieser Aktion – schnell ein neuer Schock,  denn es wird  immer schwieriger zu glauben (more…)

Do NOT Choose Swine Flu

Elias speaks here not specially about Swine Flu but rather about different illnesses, also collective or pandemic illnesses and assesses that they are a choice….I am understanding that within physical focus, it is quite easily expressed that individuals hold a thought process that they understand and accept that they are actually creating certain identifications of what you may express to be illness or malady, and that they are choosing to be creating this.… Read the rest


Trust What the elements, the components of trust are is …..

 .    paying attention to what you are doing…
…..paying attention to your associations

…..paying attention to your feelings
…..paying attention to what you are thinking…
paying attention to what you are thinking…
These three actions are the components that allow you — or do not allow you — to express trust.… Read the rest

Source Events

A Source Event is a movement that is chosen collectively by all of the essences participating in the reality. Source Events are of such a magnitude that none of them are entirely fully inserted into your physical reality, for your physical reality is not expansive enough to accommodate an entirety of a Source Event, as is the situation with this Source Event also.… Read the rest


Everything is a symbol. Every minute of your physical focus is a symbol to your essence. Your essence is very acquainted and accustomed to viewing all focuses in symbols. You do not view your physical focus in this way, so you think!… Read the rest

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