How To See Energy Fields

What I appreciate so much with my dog is that she not only reflects my own behaviour but that she is never ever judging me. She is always accepting and loving and by being as she is she is a wonderful teacher. In this session 2227 Elias continues to speak about energy fields, how to see them and – very  important – how to manipulate them. It is possible to block undesired energies from entering the own field – be it in a physical interaction or by any media – so that no attempt of brainwash can succeed. Everybody is capable of choosing the energies that they are willing to let in…

Energy FieldIt is significant to be aware of the energy of what you are interacting with. You are not always interacting with another individual. You may be interacting with a creature.

This is a significant point, for creatures are very similar to your leprechauns, for creatures do not incorporate the beliefs that you do. Therefore, their language is different and they respond to energy immediately. They are eternally present; they are always in the now. In that, they reflect energy very well. They are experts at reflecting energy. For they are very similar to your leprechaun, as they don’t incorporate beliefs. They express no judgment in relation to the energy that you are projecting. If you are projecting an energy of concern, they will receive that energy and express very similarly to your leprechaun: “Oh, you want concern? You may have a reason for it.” They do not distinguish that this is good or bad. They are responding to what you are projecting.


Wishful Thinking

Very often wishful thinking is considered as negative, as an escape from “rock-bed-reality”, as an illusion which will never realize and if it does, it is the blind hazard, the exception from the rule. However – this world works on the basis of intentions (more…)

Kompromiss vs. Kooperation

Wahrnehmung ist eines der wichtigsten mentalen Werkzeuge, denn mit der Wahrnehmung wird die physische Welt generiert. Sie ist eine Art Projektor, welcher die ganzen physischen Formen projiziert und wie die Formen aussehen, wird bestimmt durch die aktiven Glaubenssätze (more…)


Alle Welt spricht von der Schweinegrippe und dieses Thema hat die bisherige Betroffenheit über die Finanzkrise fast vollkommen überschrieben. Vielleicht ist das auch der Sinn und Zweck dieser Aktion – schnell ein neuer Schock,  denn es wird  immer schwieriger zu glauben, dass diese Krisen und “Pandemien” von allein ausbrechen und sich dann in rasender Schnelle über die ganze Welt ausbreiten.… Read the rest

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